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Swissclinical - Ground-breaking, Superior Skincare Solutions That Cleanse & Tone, Correct, Prevent & Comfort

Introducing Swissclinical

Ground-breaking, Superior Skincare Solutions that Cleanse & Tone, Correct, Prevent, and Comfort

Formulated on the Swiss Riviera, in the heart of the Swiss Pre-Alps, Swissclinical offers solutions for all skin types at every age.

Using the best that technology and Swiss nature can offer, they have developed powerful cosmeceutical formulas which are free from parabens, colorants, mineral oils, and other irritants.

All Swissclinical products contain Swiss glacial water which refreshes and moisturizes your skin. The pristine water of the glacier provides several skin benefits due to the purity of the water which tones the skin and infuses it with revitalizing moisture. Swissclinical aims to promote overall skin health and give everyone access to high quality skincare.

Swissclinical offers skin solutions that: Cleanse & Tone, Correct, Prevent, and Comfort.

* The Cleanse & Tone line includes four products that cater to all skin types. Based on active ingredients, gentle cleansing agents, and botanical extracts, these products leave skin fresh and clean, they aid in balancing skin's pH to natural state, and much more.

* As skin changes over time, Swissclinical continues to correct any imperfections that may develop. The Correction line consists of powerful serums, creams, and masks infused with plant extracts and vitamins that will correct imperfections.

* Preventing premature aging is the goal of the Prevention line. The serums in this line provide protection from the sun's harmful effects with potent antioxidant formulas containing natural polysaccharides, Plantago extracts, and


These antioxidants protect the skin in the most effective way against oxidative stress caused by UV rays. Hyaluronic acid and micro-collagens preserve the skin's elasticity and suppleness as well as prevent the appearance of wrinkles

and fine lines, while noticeably improving the skin's health.

* Nourishing the skin while protecting it and restoring its elasticity and radiance is the aim of the Comfort line. The products in this line contain vitamins A, E, and C as well as multiple natural extracts and some of the world's most

advanced anti-aging ingredients. The line includes Day and Night creams and several luxurious products such as the Eye Contour and Moisturizing Mask.

Swissclinical's ethical culture demands that the line's products are safe and effective. As a result, the choice of ingredients is based on ethical values, respecting humanity, animals, and nature.

Swissclinical is not about trendy ingredients, but about active and effective ingredients that promote skin health. Each product is solution-driven, thus each ingredient is hand-selected to bring consumers solutions which were not previously available.

About Swissclinical Foundation for the World's Children

The Swissclinical Foundation helps orphaned, physically disabled children in need in the Stara Zagora region of Bulgaria by providing much needed medical orthopedic services previously unavailable to them. The foundation is funded through private donations and through the proceeds from sales of Swissclinical skincare products.

Swissclinical is available online at and at various specialty retailers and spas nationwide.

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