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Batia & Aleeza Rock Natural Curls

After years of development, creators Batia & Aleeza, who by the way are sisters, found the right combination of the finest natural botanical ingredients and marine proteins to immediately improve the quality of curly, wavy and frizzy hair types.

Batia and Aleeza released their signature line of hair care products in 2000.

Used together, the trio is all your hair needs to be protected from the sun, safe from the depleting effects of humidity and fully nourishes and enriches your hair.

The line enriches hair with vitamins and proteins which are extracted from plants and herbs.  Every product is animal friendly; there was absolutely no testing on animals used to develop these products.

Bio- herbal mineral sculpting gel:

Dubbed "the magic gel" by Iinstyle magazine, this product uses a formula created with herbs, minerals, and vegetable proteins for longer lasting set.

The unique and natural ingredients enhance naturally curly or wavy hair. The gel can be used with blow dryers, brushes, hot irons, hot or cold rollers, pin, and many other styling options.  This "holy grail of styling products BeautyBuzz increases body & shine, reduces frizz, and protects against sun damage.

Bio- natural shampoo:

Gental natural cleanser containing only the purest botanical extracts of flowers, trees and plants. This very mild shampoo is super enriched with vitamins a, d and e to strengthen and rejuvenate hair. Leaves hair free, silky, full of body and more manegable with every use.   Safe for permed or color treated hair.

Bio- protein conditioner:

Sixty second deep conditioner that is fortified with triple proteins for complete hair nutrition. Adds strength, body, moisture and shaine. Made with aloe vera, ginseng, gotu kola and many other botanical extracts for the most soothing conditioner available.


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