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Does Michelle Obama Relax Her Hair?

That's a very good question but you won't find Chris Rock giving his opinion.  The comedian was recently interviewed by The Wall Street Journal about his newly released documentary with the title Good Hair.  A lot has been written about Chris and his Sundance film because it had such a personal beginning.

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Chris Rock decided to do the film after his daughter came to him in tears because of her own hair.

When the Wall Street Journal directly asked Chris if he thought First Lady Michelle Obama relaxed her hair he refused to give his opinion other than to say "please, I'm not playing hair police.  I think it (her hair) is beautiful, but I'm not going to speculate.  Michelle Obama is not getting a hair critique from me.  I can just see the press conference now -- it would be a disaster.  There's no way I'm ruining my invite to The White House.

Chris also said he really campaigned hard for President Obama.  He said he "donated a lot, a lot of money".  He said his tour was pretty much a 5,000-seat Obama rally every night I did so much McCain and Hillary bashing.  I like to think I did my part.

I have to say that Chris Rock is a very wise man.  The only thing that could be worse than talking about whether or not the First Lady used relaxers was to discuss whether her butt looked to0 big in any of her latest fashions.  Now that for sure would have lost him any chance of dinner or a stay at the White House.

There are just some things that should be left alone and I agree with Chris on keeping mum about Michelle's hair.

What do you think?  Did Chris Rock make the right decision to avoid discussing whether Michelle Obama relaxes her hair or not?

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