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Do Curly Hair Shampoo Products Make Hair Curlier

Although it might seem like a curly hair shampoo product may make natural curly hair even curlier, it probably won't.  Of course there is an exception to every rule, but in general, curly hair shampoos only encourages curls.

Curly hair expert and celebrity hairstylist Robert Hallowell works with many celebrities with natural curls.  He explained to me that curly hair shampoo products aren't designed to amp up curls, but merely to provide a more gentle cleansing.

Curly and textured hair is more delicate and tends to be chronically dry.  Therefore curly shampoo products are designed to provide gentle cleansing which won't strip the hair of natural moisture.

For curls to form properly the tresses must be well hydrated and frizz free.  A curly hair shampoo designed only to gently clean will not necessarily encourage curls to form.

To amp up natural curls be sure to do a final rinse in cool or cold water, towel blot (not rub) and use products such as curl creams, gels or similar to help define ringlets.  Whenever possible use either a long finger diffuser to enhance curls or plop and allow hair to air dry.

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