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4 Hair Accessories You Must Avoid

Introduction - 4 Hair Accessories You Must Avoid

Kim Kardashian Hair Chains Kim Kardashian Hair Chains

While hair accessories can offer a way to instantly amp up your hair, wardrobe or mood, harmful hair accessories can do more damage than good.

Is there such a thing as harmful hair accessories?  Yes indeed.

In fact while their are pros and cons for every type of hair accessories, there are 4 hair accessories you must avoid for the long term health and safety of your hair.

Listed below are the 4 hair accessories you must avoid for the long term health and safety of your hair:

1.  Hair chains

Hair chains may look dramatic and stunning on Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian, but they're dangerous to the life of your tresses.

Why?  Hair chains consist of actual chains.

A chain is a series of connected links which are typically made of some sort of metal.  Unless hair chains are expensive, cheat metals, sometimes recycled, are utilized to create the hair accessory.

Hair chains are usually held in place with either an invisible elastic band or two small plastic or metal side combs which anchor the accessory to the head.

Often hair chains are worn draped over the top of the hair or around the back of a ponytail or updo.

Unfortunately, the small links in the chains may snag, pull, tear and rip delicate strands.  They inadvertently can pull at fragile roots, create split ends and potentially cause serious snarls, tangles and other hair related loss.

SD HairTurban - Image From SD HairTurban - Image From

While it's true Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have been wearing an assortment of hair chains.  Kim is famous for wearing hair extensions. If hair chains snag, pull, rip and damage her extensions, it's not as serious a matter as if hair chains cause damage to natural hair.

Hair chains may also cause damage to naturally textured tresses such as curls, waves, kinks and coils.  The little links in the chains can become embedded in delicate curls or coils, causing major tangles.

If you must wear hair chains, be very careful to inspect the hair accessories before attaching them to your delicate strands.

Hair Turbans

Jane Train Cashmere Headband Turban From Jane Train Cashmere Headband Turban From

Unless you're utilizing microfiber style wraps to speed up natural hair drying time, hair turbans should be avoided by most people.

While these high fashion hair accessories pop up periodically on fashion runways and Red Carpets, very few people can wear them and look fabulous.

Hair turbans maximize existing facial flaws ranging from soft chin lines to lines, wrinkles and facials folds.

They can also instantly add unwanted width or weight to some face types and shapes.

The majority of hair turbans are usually not flattering for people with pronounced features such as well endowed noses, chins, or foreheads.

Hair turbans, unless constructed properly, may be difficult to secure to the hair and wear for extended periods of times.

If you're a fan of the turbans, opt for a turban style headband or bandeau which are usually less severe and offer more wearing options.

Uncovered Elastic Bands

Bungee Bands For Ponytails And Updos Bungee Bands For Ponytails And Updos

While it's always tempting to grab a traditional rubber band out of the kitchen drawer to pull your hair up and off your neck, don't do it.

Uncovered elastic bands such as old fashioned rubber bands are the absolute worst type of hair accessory you can subject your hair to.

There are a dizzying array of very affordable elastic bands such as Blax and Bungees which are specifically designed to create beautiful pony and updo styles without pulling, snagging or ripping delicate strands.

Traditional rubber bands may also cause tangles, snagging, ripping and pulling.

Save the old fashioned rubber bands for securing old bills, paperwork or similar.

Bobby Or Hair Pins With Exposed Metal Ends

Although the majority of bobby and/or hair pins have ends which are coated with plastic or similar coverings, sometimes constant use of the pins may cause the coating on the ends to wear off or detach.

Conair Bobby Pins Available At Conair Bobby Pins Available At

When bobby and/or hair pins have exposed metal at the tips, they should be thrown away.

Those  exposed ends may scratch delicate scalps, cause hair tangling and snagging or ripping.

Since bobby and hair pins are relatively inexpensive to purchase, always keep extra on hand to avoid utilizing uncoated accessories which may damage your hair and/or delicate tresses.

Summary - 4 Hair Accessories You Must Avoid

Hair accessories offer many advantages.  They can be used as functional hair tools to secure unruly fringes or related strands.

Carefully selected hair accessories can instantly alter a hairstyle by glamming it up or changing the profile.

While hair accessories are a wonderful hair tool to utilize, there are 4 hair accessories you must avoid to prevent damage to your scalp and delicate tresses.

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