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What Hair Accessories Flow Best With Hot Ruffled Fashions?

Ruffles are popping up everywhere along with bows, pleats and other super romantic fashion tops, blouses, dresses and even accessories.

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While ruffles can look fantastic when selected properly they may not look fabulous on everyone.

The beauty of ruffles is that you can use them appropriately for your age, body shape, height and for layering with other items.

If you want just a splash of ruffle why not invest in a sleeveless shirred ruffles tank top combined with fitted or skinny jeans or pencils shirts for a beautiful line.  As temperatures drop you can pair the ruffled top with a beautiful blazer in a contrasting color or to match your skirt of slacks.

If you want to really blow out the hot new ruffles trend you can opt for tiered ruffle tops, ruffled colors topping a sleek blouse or you can select a ruffled dress.

With all these ruffles how should you wear your hair to avoid ruffle overdose?  Can you wear hair accessories with ruffled tops or dresses?  What is the best hairstyle for this sizzling new ruffle fashion trend?

1.  Consider pairing a ruffled tank, tiered ruffle top or ruffled collar with a sleeker hairstyle.

The last thing you want is for your beautiful ruffles to clash with your tresses.  If you have your heart set on showcasing curls or waves, pull hair back off your face and wear either a texture enhanced top, mid-back or low pony.

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Or keep the hair texture to a minimum of soft loose waves.

2.  Cute hair twists or sleek ballerina style buns work beautifully with lots of ruffles since the buns or hair twists will not compete with all that flow and ruffle movement.

3.  If you want to indulge your love of hair accessories select sleek skinny headbands in a complementary color to layer a few inches past your hairline.  Keep clip-in flowers, feathers and other adornments smaller and positioned away from the ruffles to avoid a clash.

4.  Combining bone straight tresses with a ruffled collar or tiered top is a perfect way to highlight the ruffles while showing off your shiny healthy strands.

5.  Avoid big bold jewelry with ruffles and headbands or other hair accessories.

6.  A beautiful simple but elegant barrette use to hold a sleek nape neck pony in place would be lovely.  To soften the look pull a few loose strands out and allow them to float around the face.

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