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Bungee Cord Fashions

Bungee Cord Fashions

MichelleRoyBracelet2_250h Michelle Roy Black Cord Macrame Bracelet

Many people are familiar with hair {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}}.  Celebrity hairstylists including famed Orlando Pita swear by hair bungees to create perfect ponytails.

Hair bungees were the secret weapon for graphic and clean ponytails featured at a past Michael Kors fashion show where two small tails were stacked and wrapped with a hair bungee.

Bungee Cord Fashions From Hair To Fashion

Now bungee cord fashions have transitioned from hair to fashion.

One of the hottest trends as reported by Accessories Magazine for 2014 is bungee cord fashions.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watch bands are being designed utilizing an array of bungees, cords and rope-like materials.

Note: Accessories Magazine is on Twitter at

Michelle Roy's Bungee Cord Fashions - Black Cord Macrame Bracelet

One of my all time favorite accessory designers is the lovely Michelle Roy of Los Angeles.  In keeping with the latest bungee cord fashions the talented designer offers a stunning black cord macrame bracelet with a cubic zirconia studded gold plated design.

I've been wearing Michelle's hair accessories, jewelry and t-shirts for many years.  Whenever I do, the compliments always flow.  To say her designs are drool worthy is not an exaggeration.

ClaudiaRoweBungeeA_250W Claudia Rowe Bungee Bracelet

To see more of Michelle's gorgeous designs or to order her bungee cord fashions call (323) 782-9898 or visit her web site.

You can also Tweet to @SButterfliesLA.  Please tell Michelle her long time fan Karen Marie Shelton sent you.

Claudia Rowe's Bungee Cord Fashions

The Claudia Rowe bracelet is right on trend with bungee cord fashions. The edgy wrap bracelet has a magnetic closure.

This bracelet created with the unique bungee cord material is brightly colored and sporty, but can be work for any fashion event.

For more information on what retail locations carry the bracelet contact Supplements via the Supplements Showroom Website or call 212-290-0091.  You can also send an email to [email protected].

Although Supplements only sells to the wholesale accessory trade, they should be able to point you to merchants who carry the Claudia Rowe accessory line.

Adia Kibur Brightly Colored Cord Necklace

TheAdiaKiburNecklace4A_2502 The Adia Kibur Corded Necklace

Talented accessory designer Nadia Lee has embraced the bungee cord fashions trend for 2014 and given it an elegant finish.

Her stunning rope  necklace combines the unique interwoven cord chain with an array of brightly colored stones and an inner connecting circle of crystals.  Lee's necklace is a delightful mixture of elegance, tribal chic and her {{asin=B005ACLA20,text=signature design}} edginess.

To locate the retail locations where the Adia Kibur necklace is available contact Yvette Fry Inc. at (212) 730-5901.

For more information on Nadia Lee's gorgeous designs visit the Yvette Fry website.  Please tell the lovely Denise that Karen Marie Shelton sent you.

If you would like to check out some of Nadia's other beautiful designs visit her at

Amrita Singh Bungee Cord Fashions

Taking the bungee cord fashion trend and bumping it up is renowned accessory designer {{asin=B00C26VFCM,text=Amrita Singh}}.  Statement necklaces are also a big trend for Spring and Summer 2014 and Amrita is known for her stunning designs with those types of accessories.

AmritaSinghNecklace_250w Bungee Cord Fashions - Cord Necklace From Amrita Singh

More About Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh Jewelry was founded in 2003 with a fine jewelry line inspired by the Mughal Dynasty.

This line, the Maharaja Collection, is the foundation of the company, which has since expanded into fashion and costume jewelry, handbags, scarves, assorted accessories, and a line of home decor.

Designs Based On Traditions Of Indian Jewelry

Based in SoHo, New York City, Amrita infuses her fashion-forward pieces with the most beautiful traditions of Indian jewelry. Her unique blend of Old and New Worlds into exuberant and artistic designs has won her accolades in the fashion industry.

Following the popularity of her Bangle Bangle line of Indian bangle bracelets, Amrita has become known for {{asin=B009RR26V8,text=statement necklaces}}, cocktail rings, chandelier earrings, and other celeb-worthy pieces that sparkle and shine.

AmritaSinghNecklace-2_250w Amrita Singh Necklace

It's no surprise that Amrita is at the forefront of the latest Bungee Cord Fashions movement.

Her designs have appeared in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Women's Wear Daily, O Magazine, Marie Claire, Glamour, In Style, BlackBook, W Magazine, and dozens of other fashion and lifestyle publications.

Celebrity Fans Of Amrita Singh Designs

Her jewelry and accessories are worn by celebrities including Kate Upton, Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Katie Holmes, to name just a few.

Her pieces can be found at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Intermix, Holt Renfrew, and other boutiques around the world.  The complete collection is available on  You can also find Amrita's gorgeous designs on {{asin=B00COBA864,}}. If you wish, you can also find Amrita on Twitter at @amritasjewelry

Bungee Cord Fashions In The Hair World?

Now that the accessory world is showcasing hot new jewelry and {{asin=B00EHKCSPO,text=related bungee cord fashions}}, will the hair accessory designers follow?

While it's true that bungee cords for creating clean ponytails, knots and chignons have been around for many years, will the bungee cord take center stage on headbands, barrettes, hair clips and similar?  Only time will tell.  Stay tuned.

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