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Bungee Bands Hairstyle Anatomy

Introduction - Bungee Bands Hairstyle Anatomy

BungeeBandHairBandsA_250h Bungee Band Hair Ties - Blonde, Brunette & Black

One of the very first hair accessories I ever started to stock at the Marketplace back in the late 1990s was the {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Band}}.

Why do I love Bungee Bands so much? Besides the fact they're so cost effective (estimated cost of $3.50 US for a pack of three) they have so many great hairstyle benefits, which I've listed below.

Bungee Band Benefits

1.  They're "hair friendly" for all lengths, textures and types of hair ranging from medium to super long and straight, naturally curly, wavy or coily.

Super short tresses may not be able to utilize {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Band}}, but they work great for most lengths other than very short.

2.  Bungee bands are extremely versatile and can be used on any hair thickness from fine/thin to mega thick.

Bungee Bands can be easily adjusted by doubling the band over.  Due to the hooks on each end, the {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Band}} can be stretched to full potential in order to wrap around thick and/or bushy hair.

They are perfect for curls because unlike continuous elastic bands, {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} can be easily popped open from the metal hooks on either side.

Bungee Bands - Two Tone Wavy Bungee Bands - Two Tone Wavy

3.  {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} are adjustable so you can make them really tight or loose, depending on the hairstyle you're going for with your hairstyle.

4.  Hair bungees are available in four different colors, black, brown, blonde and two tone brown/black so they can easily blend into your hairstyle without being visible.

5.  {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} are used by all the major celeb and fashion hairdressers from Robert Hallowell to Ben Booke who is one of Victoria Beckham's hairdressers.

6.  The {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} are reusable.  Some continuous style elastic bands have to be literally cut off the hair to avoid ripping, tearing or pulling delicate strands.  Once a band is cut, it is dead forever and has to be thrown away.  With a bungee you unhook the band and can reuse it indefinitely.

7.  Bungee Bands are environmentally friendly.  Since you can reuse them indefinitely, the bands can be worn literally for years.

8.  {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Band}} offer other uses besides for hair.  I've literally used my hair bungee bands to hold my mail, bracelets and rings together.  I slide my rings over one end and then hook the two ends together for an instant holder.   I also wear them as random bracelets when I am in a funky mood or want to change things up.

9.  Bungee bands are easy to store flat or they can be hung on a variety of surfaces from their hooked ends.  They don't easily tangle like some elastic bands.

Bungee Band Disadvantages

{{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Band}} may be challenging for some hair consumers to use on their hair if they haven't practiced using them. Some people may not understand how to hook one end into the hair.

Black Bungee Cords Black Bungee Cords

For the most part the bungee band is easy to use once you have tried them.  However, for some they are a bit of a pain.

Also, if you wear a {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Band}} long enough the cotton wrapping might start to fray a little.  It takes a long time for that to happen though.

Taking My Bungee Bands On A Desert Island

Yes, I think if I were on a desert island I would want to have my blonde Bungee bands with me since I can use them to create a wide range of ponies, braids, updos and even hair bumps.

If I had my favorite {{asin=B001N444JK,text=Mason Pearson}} boar bristle brush and my Bungee Bands I could keep my hair together for a long time.

I personally believe if there was an Academy Award for most useful hair accessory I think the Bungee would give a lot of other hair bands a run for their money.

Don't get me wrong. {{asin=B000BO6F1S,text=Blax Elastic Bands}} are also useful as are some other elastics but my favorite for creating really tight (and instant face lifting properties) ponies is the bungee band.  I have thick and naturally wavy/curly hair that requires a strong band to hold my ponies in place.

How Bungee Bands Are Made

{{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} were originally used in Europe on long hair.  The use of the Bungee eventually migrated to the United States and the rest of the world.  Some people in Europe refer to the Bungee bands as Bungee Hair Grips.

Blonde Bungee Bands Blonde Bungee Bands

Basically they are elastic bands carefully covered by cotton.  They have a metal hook on each end.  Bungees were initially designed to help create secure ponies and buns.

Long Hair Attachments

Bungee bands were also utilized to hold long hair attachments.  They're are often used to provide a base for attachment of wigs and other accessories.  Before the invention of the snap-on hair extensions some hairdressers used bungee bands to attach temporary hair extensions.

{{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} are popular on the catwalks and you'll often see them in the cases of some of the best hairdressers in the world.

Professional hairdressers love Bungee bands because they're not a continuous band and won't rip or pull hair when removed.  This is a key concern for people with carefully cultivated long tresses.

Where To Buy Bungee Bands?

A great place to find {{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} is on  The great thing about Amazon is that Prime members can often get free shipping which is always a wonderful option.

Summary - Bungee Bands Hairstyle Anatomy

{{asin=B003C1O208,text=Bungee Bands}} are  very reasonably priced,  especially since they can be re-used indefinitely.  I can't say enough good things about these simple, but fabulous, hair bands.   They're the ultimate hair accessory.

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