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Blow Dryer Tricks

Introduction - Blow Dryer Tricks

Conair 225R Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic 1875 Blow Dryer Black Beauty Conair 225R Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic 1875 Blow Dryer Black Beauty

A blow dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over wet or damp hair, in order to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair.

Blow dryers are used both in the beauty salon by professional stylists, and in the average household by consumers.

Besides drying hair, blow dryers can be utilized for a wide range of non-hair related blow dryer tricks and tasks.   Listed below are some blow dryer tricks you may not know about it:

1. Caulk Removal

Over time latex caulk gets old and stained.  Make removing old latex caulk from around your bathtub or shower stall  easier by first heating the caulk with a blow dryer.   The heat makes the caulk softer and easier to remove.

2.  Prevent Fungus Or Mold Growth On Shower Walls Or Door 

A great way to prevent fungus or mold from growing on damp shower walls or doors is to leave the shower door ajar after you finish showering.

Allowing air to circulate throughout the shower stall helps prevent the growth of mold.   Another option is to direct a blast of air from your blow dryer onto the shower door or walls.

The added burst of air will help to prevent mold growth.  When possible avoid standing on a wet floor when utilizing the blow dryer.

Hair Blow Dryer Hair Blow Dryer

Note:  Since 1991 the CPSC has mandated by U.S. law that all dryers must use a ground fault circuit interrupter so that it cannot electrocute a person if it gets wet.

By 2000, deaths by blowdryers had dropped to less than four people a year, a stark difference to the hundreds of cases of electrocution accidents during the mid-twentieth century.

3.  Remove Fog From Bathroom Mirrors

Sometimes steam can overpower even the best ventilated bathroom mirrors or windows. Direct a blast of warm or hot air towards any foggy surfaces and the blow dryer will almost instantly remove the fog or steam.

4. Remove Lice From Scalps

During DIY at-home lice removal treatments lice infected scalps are traditionally covered with a treatment mask and plastic wrap or shower cap.  To encourage eradication of the lice, a blow dryer is directed at the outside of the plastic wrap or shower cap to heat up the mask and effectively kill the lice.

ConairBlowDryer-54_250h Conair Blow Dryer

5. Melting Candle Wax

If you accidentally spill melted candle wax on your bathroom counters, floors or carpeting you can use a blow dryer to melt the wax and more easily remove it.

Place the blow dryer setting on hot and direct the hot air towards the melted wax.  As the wax melts, blot it or wipe it away with a paper towel.

The same process will take candle wax off a table or counter top.  The paper towels will help you absorb the hot wax.    This same blow dryer trick also works with crayon markings on walls, wallpaper or the floor.

6.  Speed Dry Panty Hose

If you want to speed up the drying time of your panty hose, hang them over the shower rod, squeeze out all the excess water and then direct the  air flow from the blow dryer towards the damp pantyhose.

Summary - Blow Dryer Tricks

Blow dryers were invented around the end of the 19th century. The first model was created by Alexander F. "Beau" Godefroy in his salon in France in 1890. The handheld, household hair-dryer first appeared in 1920.

Blow dryers can be used for many other tricks other than drying hair.  Blow dryers can help soften caulk, remove harden wax dripping, help kill lice and remove fog and mold.  They can also be used to speed up the drying of pantyhose, heating sheets to make them toasty on cold winter nights and heat up the inside of slippers.

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