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Unusual Hairdryer Tasks

Unusual Hairdryer Tasks

Conair Mini Blow Dryer - Photo - Conair Mini Blow Dryer - Photo -

The September 25, 2001 issue of The National Enquirer featured a story about a Pensacola, Florida crossing guard who thought of great unusual hairdryer tasks.

For years, nothing that crossing guard Dale Rooks did - waving, signaling, even screaming - made speeders slow down near his post outside an elementary school.

Changing Everything With Electrical Tape And A Blow Dryer

Then Rooks employed his unusual hairdryer tasks and changed everything.

Conair Quiet Tone Dryer - - All Rights Reserved Conair Quiet Tone Dryer - - All Rights Reserved

Rooks wrapped a blow dryer in electrical tape which gave it the appearance of a radar gun!

The 47 year old crossing guard started using the tape wrapped blow dryer at drivers approaching his crossing guard post.

Rooks told The National Enquirer the results are "almost comical.  Drivers are now "slowing down (and) raising their hands at me apologetically.  It's amazing how well it works."

Other Unusual Hairdryer Tasks

Conair Hair Dryer - Photo by - All Rights Reserved Conair Hair Dryer - Photo by - All Rights Reserved

Using a hairdryers to protect children as they cross the street is just one of the unusual hairdryer tasks people can employ.

Listed below are other potential options:

1.  Break up fighting animals.   Animals may or may not like the hot air in their face or the loud noise, but it will definitely distract them.

2.  To help encourage absorption of hot oil or other deep hair conditioning treatments.

3.  Defrost an icy windshield or other frozen surfaces including defrosting food.

4.  Provide focused drying for damp clothing, socks, pantyhose, boots or shoes.

5.  Spot blow dry pets (if they aren't afraid of the noise) after a bath.  Some animals love the warm air on their bellies.

Conair Blow Dryer - Photo by - All Rights Reserved Conair Blow Dryer - Photo by - All Rights Reserved

Note:  Use low heat to avoid burning animals, especially around their eyes and paws.

6.  To reheat coffee which has cooled off.

7.  Spot arm hands and fingers, feet and toes, before putting on gloves and/or boots or after being out in freezing weather.

8.  To blow away dust, debris or lint.

9.  As a way to soften hair wax, gels or solid oils before applying to the hair.

10.  Speed up nail polish drying on fingers and toes.

Hairstylist Blowing Out - Photo Courtesy of Hairstylist Blowing Out - Photo Courtesy of

11.  Soften hard stains for easier removal.

12. As a hot compress.

13.  Loosen and blow dust from inside crack on computer keyboards.

14.  Soften candle or crayon wax for easier removal.

15.  Speed up freezer defrosting.

16.  Heat up pillows and bed clothes on a chilly night before sleeping.

17.  Help to loosen stickers.

18.  Heat up pipes to help soften and remove clogs.

19.  Defrost a frozen car starter.

20. Remove band-aids and/or adhesive medical tape.

Conair Blow Dryer - Photo by - All Rights Reserved Conair Blow Dryer - Photo by - All Rights Reserved

Use your creativity and I'm sure you'll come up with lots of additional ideas I didn't list.

Summary - Unusual Hairdryer Tasks

Just allow your mind to wander and you will be able to think of several unusual hairdryer tasks worth trying out.

In some cases, a blow dryer, may or may not be a good hand held appliance to use.  As example, using a blow dryer too often on the highest speed might degrate rubber on boots or shoes or fade cottons or sheets.  Use your judgement and proceed with caution.

In the meantime, have fun experimenting.

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