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Celebrity Haircolorist Secrets

Kim Vo - CelebrityHaircolorist

Celebrity Haircolorist Secrets

Knowing celebrity haircolorist secrets can allow any hair consumer on a budget to have spectacular hair color without the big price tag.

Celebrity haircolorists consist of a very small group of color gurus.

Some, but not all, of the very biggest celebrity haircolorists, in no particular order, include Kim Vo, Tracey Cunningham, Marie Robinson, Rita Hazan, Jason Backe, Beth Minardi, George Papanikolas, John Simpson, Jet Rhys, The Doves, Negin Zand and Janine Jarman.

Kim Vo

One of the very best celebrity haircolorists is Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME Ambassador, Kim Vo, who is famous for his gorgeous celebrity blondes like Katherine Heigl, Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.  He's also the colorist of Khloe Kardashian and Leona Lewis, to name just a few of his famous clients.

Vogue Magazine dubbed Kim Vo as the “Best Blonder in the Business.” Although I've never had the pleasure of meeting Kim in person, I've have a phone interview with him and exchanged messages.  He has a whole bag of celebrity haircolorist secrets and he is always willing to share for the sake of great hair color.

Kim Vo Celebrity Haircolorist Secrets

KimVo Celebrity Haircolorist

He's as wonderful as he is talented at creating blush infused blonde, luscious vampy vanilla and cream caramel blonde and he's willing to dish celebrity haircolorist secrets which include:

1.  Apply deep conditioner to the ends of your hair while applying color to the roots and top sections.  After the color has processed through the roots and top pull the color down through the ends as a last step before rinsing the color out.

2.  If you're going to do home color between salon visits Kim likes L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Facete Shimmering Haircolour.

3.  Create your own fabulous post-color conditioner by adding your favorite essential oils to a rich color preserving product.

4.  Kim recommends using a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colored hair.  Kim recommends Schwarzkopf Professional products or similar.

5.  Protect delicate blonde or other colors while out in the sug by wearing a chic scarf or similar head covering.

Marie Robinson Celebrity Haircolorist Secrets

The owner of the eponymous New York Salon is famous for the beautiful hair color of Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz, Live Tyler, Heather Graham, Keri Russell and Anne Hathaway.

ClairolNicenEasyFoam Haircolor

Marie's celebrity haircolorist secrets include the following:

1.  When coloring hair at home always buy two boxes of hair color to achieve the most natural hair color.  One box should be for overall color.  The second box should be one shade lighter to apply to the hairline to create a natural dimension.

2.  Robinson's drugstore color of choice is Clairol Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam.  She believes that it's very easy to apply with your hands.  It also provides complete permanent coverage without the mess.

3.  The famous New York celebrity haircolorist recommends ColoristCure at-home treatment to moisturize color treated hair and add lots of shine.  She also believes it will revive dull blonde or highlighted hair by removing product build-up.

Rita Hazan Celebrity Haircolorist Secrets

It's easier to list the celebrities who haven't had their hair color created at the hands of the world famous Rita Hazan.  The beautiful New York colorist is behind the stunning blues, pinks and purples of Katy Perry and the stunning hues of Jennifer Lopez.

Her most famous celebrity haircolorist secret is simple.  She says "You don’t want your hair to ‘wear’ you—you want to have hair that complements your skin, your eyes—hair that really reflects who you are.”

Rita Hazan Celebrity Haircolorist Secrets

Rita Hazan With Ted Gibson & Mark Garrison

Rita understands that sometimes her clients and hair consumers can't always make it to her salon.  Back in 2004 Rita talked Ashlee Simpson through her at-home color plans where Simpson famously used a drugstore color kit to go raven black.

Rita's celebrity haircolorist secrets include the following:

1.  When doing your haircolor at home use Vaseline or lotion to protect you from the color. Apply a thin layer around your hairline and your ears.

2.  Rita advises when going darker use a semi-permanent color.  To go lighter, use a permanent.

3.  Keep your ends trim.  If your ends look healthy, your color looks richer and your hair looks shinier.

4.  Take hair vitamins to keep hair strong from the inside out.

After years of listening to her clients, stylists, the press and beauty experts’ pleas for a better way to make their color-treated hair last longer, Rita invented her Root Concealer which is an aerosol spray to cover gray, and also to conceal roots for brunettes, blondes, and redheads.


Who better than some of the top celebrity haircolorists to help you achieve amazing haircolor at home.  Although the celebrities with the willingness to spend the most money on their haircolor usually have the most spectacular color, hair consumers can still achieve great hair color for less money.

It's always best to work with your own professional haircolorist to help you achieve a stunning and professional color.  However, for in-between trips to the salon and to stretch your haircolor budget take advantage of their wonderful tips.

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