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Celebrity Hair Styling Tips Without The Big Price Tag

Celebrity Hair Styling Tips Without The Big Price Tag

Celebrity Hairstylist David Babaii has worked with some of the biggest stars around the world, including Angelina Jolie and Kate Hudson, to name a few.  Although having his fingers in your hair would come with a hefty price tag, he is always willing to share his styling tips with the public.

The 63rd Annual Emmy Awards are scheduled to air on Sunday, September 18th on FOX which means lots of Red Carpet appearances by celebrities showcasing their gowns, accessories, jewelry and most importantly, their hairstyles which are usually created by their go-to celebrity hairstylists.

Celebrity Hair Secrets

David is always in big demand for any type of award show.  However, when asked after an Academy Awards show how hair consumers can achieve celebrity hair styles in their own homes, he shared the following hair styling secrets:

1.  Don't apply styling products directly to the hair.  David confessed that he never sprays hairspray or similar products directly onto hair.  When he applies hairspray, he first applies it to a clean toothbrush and then applies it onto the hair.  This allows him to control where the spray or product is applied.

2.  Apply product slowly. David believe it's best to start with a little product and then if needed, apply more.  In his opinion, this is a mistake hair consumers make.  They apply way too much product directly to the hair all at once.  He believes it's important to use the right amount of styling product.  When in doubt use just a little rather than too much.

3.  Volume always saves the hair day.  David believes volume will always be in with hair, no matter what the hairstyle is.

4.  Make any hairstyle your own. Hair consumers who want to copy their favorite celebrities should always take the style and make it their very own rather than doing an exact copy.  David is a big believer in everyone going with the flow and doing their own thing with their hair.

5.  Always be as natural as possible while honoring your hair's natural texture and beauty.  David believes any hair consumer can have heavenly hair that is gorgeous when they be in the moment and enjoy whatever experience they're styling their hair for.

6.  You don't have to spend a lot of money. David wants hair consumers to know that they don't need to spend a fortune on hair products.  What they do need is to find the right products for them, use the right tools, make whatever hairstyle they create their own and own it.

David loves hair playing with it.  He enjoys experimenting with new looks and allowing his creativity to flow into the hairstyles he creates for his screen goddesses.

The celebrity hairstylist believes any hair consumer can look just as beautiful as Angie or Kate by loving their hair, playing with it, experimenting with products and having fun.  As he likes to say, "just go with the flow."

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