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Celebrity Haircolorist Rita Hazan Launches Interactive Website

It doesn't seem like seven years ago, but that's how long it's been since I first made the phone acquaintance of the fabulous world famous hair colorist Rita Hazan.

I was indirectly introduced to Rita via Jessica Simpson and her mom.  To make a long story short I was on a photo shoot in Dallas with Jessica, her mom Tina, celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves and make-up guru Karan Mitchell.  When Rita's name came up.

They all raved about Rita's color work until I decided to call and interview her for Twitter.

Note: Check out Rita Hazen:  Zen Master of Hair Color

It was a great decision.  Not only is Rita an amazing hair color expert, she is a great interview subject.  She requests questions in advance so she can prepare with well thought out answers and she is very succinct in her responses.  If you have the great fortune to interview her you best be prepared to catch her insightful quotes.

From Adir Salon To Rita Hazan Salon

When I first chatted with Rita in 1993 she had just opened her original Adir Salon.  Since that point her client base has completely exploded and she has moved to the much larger and more deluxe Rita Hazan Salon in the heart of Manhattan.  If you want the best colorist New York has to offer, it's Rita.  In my humble opinion she's worth every penny and however long you have to wait for an appointment.

If you're nervous about her fees you can call her salon at 646-336-5920 and press #1 for a price quote. The very polite operator will quote Rita's basic color service prices.  Of course the prices may vary according to your hair type, texture, length, condition and what type of color services you desire.

If you have your heart set on Rita expect to spend anywhere from $500 or more.  You can get a firm quote before you start to avoid checkout sticker shock.  The salon does require you leave a credit card number on file before they will book an appointment.  Be sure to ask about their cancellation policies when you book.

Rita Hazan's Exceptional Hair Color Staff

When Rita's too rich for your blood you can opt for her extremely well trained color staff which are less expensive.  And yes, the lovely receptionist will quote you prices for your other amazing colorist options.  Keep in mind Rita is a color perfectionist so she's not going to cut anyone lose on her salon clientele that hasn't worked hard to prove themselves.

Rita is a hair color expert but she is also a savvy businesswoman and understands the importance of being active in Social Media. Active on Twitter and Facebook, she recently launched a new interactive website to provide her clients with information they might like to see ranging from hair extensions to color tips.

New Interactive Website

In April of this year Rita launched a new, interactive website which allows local and worldwide hair mavens to gather the latest trends and styling tips, as well as a glimpse inside what really goes on at this salon.

Rita defines the new site as "exciting, educational, interactive and fun".  The colorist who has a mind boggling celebrity client list launched the site because "I wanted people from all over the world to get a feel for what it's like to come to my salon."  She noted "I wanted to give people the opportunity to ask questions that they may be afraid to ask their own beauty team."

New Launch Was Amazing Success

The launch has been an amazing success.  According to Rita "People love the lessons and the educational videos that we have. They also like that they get to know about the people who work here before coming in." And, most importantly says Hazan, "They love Senor - my dog!"

"Rita's World," the site's lifestyle and blog component, showcases tips from Rita and allows users to submit questions for Rita and her team to answer. Clients can also interact with Rita on Facebook and Twitter to receive links and content exclusives regarding beauty tips and new trends.

Setting Trends

"Trends are pulled from the fashion shows that our team does here in New York," says Hazan, "and many of our stylists do a lot of editorial high fashion. They set the trends!"

In addition, seasonally-updated instructional videos on everything from hair color application, styling hair, self-tanning, makeup application and bridal updos, provide users with an in-salon experience without ever leaving their homes.

To keep up with Twitter.  To call the salon for an appointment call 646-336-5920.

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