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Going From Blonde To Brunette

Many formerly blonde celebrities are popping up with chocolate brown tresses.  Classic case in point?  Scarlett Johansson who was very blonde in two of her most recent movies - Vicky Christina Barcelona and He's Just Not That Into You.

(Image of Scarlett Johansson at movie premiere of He's Just Not That Into You - - all rights reserved).

At the premiere for 'He's Just Not That Into You' the normally blonde star was wearing her long tresses in a chocolate cherry hue.  Her newly created brunette tresses worked with her skin and eye tone and did not leave her looking washed out.

Even better, her hair was shiny and sleek with lots of dimension and movement, as if she was a natural brunette.

While it's true brunettes, because they are darker in hue, tend to have shinier tresses than some other hair colors, getting megawatt shine and beautiful brunette dimensions take some behind-the-scenes hair color work.

It's also true that transitioning from blonde to brunette can be an involved process that is not as simple as buying a box of brunette hair color and dumping it onto blonde strands in one step.

Note: Image of Penelope Cruz courtesy of - all rights reserved.  Penelope's brunette hair color is created by famous celebrity hairdresser and Shear Genius judge Kim Vo.

When going from blonde to brunette it is best to go to a hair color expert and be prepared for a layered coloring approach in order to guarantee lots of shine and dimension.

What might brunette layering look like?  To create richness, shine, dimension and shimmer going from blonde to

In general, depending on the haircolorist and their vision for the brunette transformation, the first stage might involve creating a rich brown base appropriate to the client's skin and eye tones.  Depending on the client's natural coloring, a Level 4 or 5 might be used.

The professional haircolorist could go with a darker or lighter brunette base depending on the client's wishes and natural skin and eye tones.

The next step might include the application of a demi-permanent color glaze in either a matching or slightly contrasting shade.

Finally, a series of foils would be applied throughout the head with both highlights and lowlights in a shades ranging from 1-2 hues darker or lighter to give depth, dimension, shine and movement.

The last step might include a final clear glaze to lock in all the colors and add shine.  Or your haircolorist might apply a sheer brown color which would soften the newly applied highlights but still allowing them to shine through as if they were lightened naturally by the sun.

Once the blonde to brunette transition has been accomplished its very important to use the appropriate products to maintain all that carefully created brunette shimmer.  Besides washing hair in only lukewarm water to avoid color fadage, it is highly recommended that a pigmented shampoo and/or conditioners be utilized to enhance and maintain the brunette shades.

Be sure to consult with your hair colorist on how to maintain your beautiful new brunette hues as long as possible.  In addition, ask for the tips and techniques to turn up the shine on your darker do using appropriate shine enhancing styling products.

Is it true brunettes are more mysterious than blondes?  You tell me, I would love to hear your feedback.

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