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Haircolorist Reyad Fritas

Introduction - Haircolorist Reyad Fritas

Fekkai Salon New York Fekkai Salon New York

Whether you're a hair professional or consumer, if you're interested in great hair color, you've probably heard the names of some of the industry's great New York colorists including  Rita Hazan, Sharon Dorram and Marie Robinson.

One of New York's best kept colorist secrets is lead haircolorist Reyad Fritas of the famous New York based Frederic Fekkai salon ((212) 753-9500).

Note:  As of June 24, 2013 Fritas is still at the iconic New York hair salon.

According to those in the hair color know, Fritas, a Balayage expert, is a colorist extraordinaire, famous for "spinning straw hair into gold."

Fritas has a stellar list of celebrity clients he jet sets around the world to see including Heidi Klum.  Fritas wants to make sure his clients receive only the best hair color touch up work.

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a technique of hand-painting individual highlights onto the hair instead of wrapping multiple strands at a time in foil.  The results are more woven-in and natural-looking, which means less obvious roots with much more time between touch-ups.

Fritas utilizes his own special set of brushes for his Balayage magic.  When describing the technique as sweeping color "onto sections of the hair using a brush, so that you get just a gentle touch of the color without ending up with any harsh lines or chunks."

Fekkai Shea Butter Fekkai Shea Butter

Fritas also adds subtle dimension to color by applying highlights to wet hair.  This special technique works with the "water on the hair shaft" to dilute "the dye to create a more natural effect, reducing damage to the hair."

He also makes sure to "focus the color on the ends more than at the crown, because that's where your hair would naturally get lighter from the sun."  Another advantage to the Balayage low lights applied by Fritas is that they require minimal upkeep.

Balayage color can often be maintained with only 2-3 salon visits a year.

Color Correction Magic

Not only is the charming and mega talented hair colorist the darling of the fashion crowd, he's famous for his amazing color correction talents.   In today's hair color world, having correction expertise comes in hand because many women "have bad color, and it’s because they strayed too far from what works with their complexion.”

Fritas is the go-to color correction master for a number of New York model agencies who depend upon his for keeping their clients looking camera and run-way perfect.

A Different Hair Color Technique For Brunettes

Fekkai Mousse Fekkai Mousse

A known fan of warm tones, Fritas has a special affinity for brunettes.  The jet setting colorists is brilliant at weaving subtle lush shades of chocolate, caramel, chestnut and maple brown tones into a head of brunette hues.

The bicycle loving hair artist believes "it's always good to go warmer, in any season" for brunettes.

Warm Rich Classy Hues

Warm for Fritas doesn't necessarily mean a lot lighter.  It means subtle and rich.  He believes "brunettes should always stay with natural tones. It's more classy!"  Brunettes worried about surrendering their tresses to a colorist would be in great hands with the vintage loving Fritas.

He would never recommend anything unnatural or inappropriately trendy like the past trend of adding obvious blonde highlights or using red on brunette hues.

Fritas believes "a common mistake that colorists make is to work on brunettes the same way they do on blondes. Doing low lights on brunettes instead of highlights not only creates a more natural color, but it's less damaging to the hair because there's no ammonia."

A Shade Of Two Lighter

Heidi Klum - Hair Color Client of Reyad Fritas Heidi Klum - Hair Color Client of Reyad Fritas

Fritas suggests using  eye color as the ultimate hair color guide.  While blue eyes can go with any shade, he suggests brown-eyed women going darker should choose one shade deeper than their eye color.   Fritas recommends you stay within one to two levels of your natural hue to avoid color mishaps.

To avoid unhappy results he always recommends his brunette clients only go "a shade or two lighter" than their natural eye color.  This helps to determine the ideal low light tones.

Fritas believes highlights which remove pigment from the hair are a big "no-no for dark-haired girls."  He prefers to only do low lights which deposit color into the hair, adding that beautiful shimmer and richness he's famous for.

Summary - Haircolorist Reyad Fritas

Haircolorist Reyad Fritas' clients rave about the color results he creates, noting their tresses look gorgeous, natural and 1,000 times better.  Glowing words indeed.

If you've had a bad hair color experience in the past or have a general phobia about having your hair colored, the New York based Fritas may offer the cure you need.

For more information about Reyad Fritas or to book an appointment contact the Frederic Fekkai salon in New York.

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