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Colette Malouf Hair Accessories

Colette Malouf

Colette Malouf Hair Accessories

Hair accessories designer Colette Malouf is famous for her beautiful hair accessories which she has been creating since 1986 when she designed and created her first hair accessory.

She opened her own business in 1987 after seeing how popular her first design became.

The native New Yorker, raised in Soho, the child of fashion grew up in her family's glamorous lounge wear business "Perfect Negligee".   Stunning ostrich feathers and jeweled caftans were key ingredients in the family business, proving ongoing inspirational for Colette.

A true New Yorker, Colette grew up amidst the art and design scene of downtown Manhattan.

As a child Colette would sneak into her grandmother's closet which was full of amazing 30s, 40s and 50s designer clothing and accessories from Schiaparelli, Dior, Norell and Hattie Carnagie.

Jewel encrusted heels, crocodile handbags, white kid gloves and black resin cigarette holders fueled her inspiration when she began creating her own hair accessory lines.

She says, “I am all about ‘sculpting’ the hair with my hair accessories to help women achieve the shape they want,” she says.  With that goal in mind she has not only created some amazing hair accessory designs, but matched them to hairstyles they were designed to enhance.

Colette Malouf Hair Styles

Colette Malouf Rock Crystal And Mesh Embellished Hair Comb At

Colette has developed the stick twist, the figure 8 twist, the chignon twist and the mane frame which is a scarf like ponytail hair style to showcase and incorporate her hair accessory designs.

The hair accessory designer takes inspiration from everywhere from street style to high fashion. Her design aesthetic is a unique melding of artistic craftsmanship and elegant styling.  Colette also is inspired by her love of yoga.

Some of her ideas for creating amazing accessories have resulted from her attending yoga retreats in Costa Rica, Tulum, Mexico, Sicily and St. John.

Colette has become an undeniable industry leader, fundamentally redefining the role of hair accessory designs in women’s styling.  She has also translated the spirit of her distinctively elegant hair collection into a line of costume jewelry.

Her Accessories In The Top Fashion & Beauty Magazines

You've probably spotted her work.  Her beautiful hair accessory designs have been showcased on the hit series “Sex and the City” and “Gossip Girl”.  She also have collaborated with fashion idols Michael Kors and Derek Lam.

Colette Malouf Crystal Pomegranite Headband - Eggplant At

Her hair accessory collections have also been featured in the pages of top fashion and beauty magazines and on the likes of Oprah, Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.

The designer was featured in New York Magazine as one of fashion’s young rising stars.

She has eighteen (18) stores in Asia and has expanded into the Middle East.   The designer has a special affinity for the Middle East since she is Lebanese.

Colette says that "being born into a Lebanese family" makes her "proud to share my vision with women in the Middle East."  In fact, Colette has said that her alltime favorite food is Tabouli.

Colette hopes to expand into Brazil because she had a lot of family there and believes that should be her next direction.

A member of the CFDA since 1993, Colette mentors students at Parsons School of Design in New York City on a regular basis.

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