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Head Accessories

Ashton Kutcher Wearing Knit Beanie Ashton Kutcher Wearing Knit Beanie

Introduction - Head Accessories

You may be wondering what the difference is between accessories, hair accessories and head accessories.  Good question.

In the world of fashion finding the proper terminology for designs and/or accessories is always evolving and changing.

Sometimes it's hard to keep up.  Not too long ago there were just velvet which have evolved into the pearls rather than head accessories.

Head Accessories Category

Head accessories in many cases is specifically related to head wear made specifically for people with hair loss due to illness or other causes.

It's also related to some religions which require coverings of the hair and or head.  These are often referred to as head coverings versus head or hair accessories.

Head accessories might also include any type of material, special sleep caps or caps made for comfort when worn against shaved or hair free heads.

Headbands Are Not Considered Head Accessories By Some Fashionistas

David Beckham Wearing Messenger Cap David Beckham Wearing Messenger Cap

Not too long ago headband options were somewhat restricted.  Now headbands cover a dizzying array of options from super skinny and tiaras to ultra crystal encrusted bands and scarf headbands which may border on head scarves and bandanas.  Head wraps evolved from wide headbands, bandeaus, turbans, hair accessory and head scarves.

Headbands can be one color, multi-colors or even tiaras.  They can be made of their own category, satin, scarf style headbands, wool, velvet, cotton, synthetic blends, metal, plastic, wood, beads, pearls or just about any type of material which can be fashioned into a head band.

They can be plain or embellished with every imaginable decoration from fine gems like diamonds to faux gems like crystals and beads.

Evolution Of Head Accessories

As the headband universe has exploded into a mind numbing array of options, head accessories have been quietly expanding.  Head accessories used to be considered, in some circles, to be hats or caps.

Kate Middleton blew the doors wide open on head accessories with her dizzying array of fascinators, tiaras, beautiful hats, crystal encrusted bands and crowns.

Crowns & Tiaras

Which brings up the important question.  Is a crown a hair accessory, a head accessories of a piece of jewelry?  Since some of the crowns and tiaras worn by Kate Middleton require their own security guards, they probably have their own category such as royal jewels or gems.  Ditto with Kate's ornate tiara's which are probably worth more than a parking lots of new Porsches.

Ashton Kutcher With Jon Cryer Wearing Head Accessory - Straw Hat Ashton Kutcher With Jon Cryer Wearing Head Accessory - Straw Hat

Fashion Trends & Head Accessories

Although a larger group of men are become open to wearing hair accessories such as headbands, pony elastics and some forms of hair clips, head accessories tend to attract a lot more male interest.

Give thanks to Ashton Kutcher and David Beckham for the popularity of head accessories such as caps, hats, berets and loose knitted caps as well as the popular knit beanies.

Both men have been photographed in a stunning array of head accessories which triggers new fashion trends for both men and women.

Defining Head Accessories

There little debate in the fashion world about hats, tams, berets, cloches or similar head coverings.

Johnny Depp With Head Accessory Johnny Depp With Head Accessory

When you get into head wrap territory you're standing between the world of headbands and hair accessories on one side and soft scarves or hats on the head accessory side.

Are head wraps officially hair accessories, head accessories or both?  Some fashionistas might say both while others might determine their classification based upon how much of the head is actually covered.

Some head wraps only hug the hairline while others might cover 50% or more of the head.  Fashionistas might classify an accessory as hair or head depending upon how much of the head is draped.


Head accessories are evolving into a wide range of subcategories which may or may not bump up against traditional hair accessories such as headbands, scarf style headbands, hair wraps, crowns, tiaras or even head scarves.

With all the major celebrities embracing head accessories there's no question they are here to stay for a long time to come.

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