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Hair Accessory Trends Follow Fine Jewelry Trends Which Follow Fashion

What Comes First - Accessories, Fashion or World Events?

It's a lot like the chicken and egg question. What comes first, hair accessory trends or fine jewelry trends?

Even better what comes before either of those, fashion or world events?

(Image of rich thin cashmere headband from The Jane Tran Collection of Hair Accessories available at Marketplace - - All Rights Reserved).

After watching the hair accessory trending market for over 12 years I have to say that hair accessory trends often sync up with emerging fine jewelry trends which of course follow fashion which is often driven by world and economic trends.

Accessory Designer Inspiration - Interior Design Markets?

Once I met a brilliant accessory designer and asked him how he got his inspiration but also managed to dovetail his designs along with latest fashion trends.

He told me he studied the home and interior design markets before he even looked at anything else because he could see the change in direction in color trends, patterns and fabrics.

(Image of stunning soft Balu Double Link Headband In Plum Pink - Available at in the Marketplace - Image courtesy of - All Rights Reserved).

Ahhh, an interesting concept which I promptly checked out. Unfortunately, I did not really see his inspiration but it was a new way of thinking for me.

With the idea of hair accessories following fine jewelry what does that mean for the current time frame? Fine jewelry is following a trend of bigger, bolder statement pieces which can tie together a complete outfit.

And so are hair accessories which are scaling bigger, bolder and more ornate with sparkling Swarovski crystals, bows, beads, feathers and colors. They are being accented with buckles and other innovative decorations to grab the eye of admirers.

(Shown to the side - Balu Skinny Headband w/Satin & Crystal Flower with unique hand crafted and attached crystal encrusted bow - Available at Marketplace - All Rights Reserved).

Bigger Jewels Were Better Jewels On NBC Celebrity Apprentice

For example, fine jewelry customers are buying much less than in the past but purchasing much more significant pieces which can help to define or carry a look.

This point was made on the recent NBC show The Celebrity Apprentice when the two teams were putting on a fine jewelry auction for charity using pieces from Ivanka Trump's jewelry collection.

(Image shown - Tarina Tarantino - Feather & Navajo Cabochon Headband - Bronze - Available at - All rights Reserved).

Ivanka Trumps pieces range in price in the thousands but are considered high fashion fine jewelry accessories, at least in some circles. Of course not everyone agrees, but then again, what about accessories or fashion do people always agree about?

During the selection of the jewelry items for the auction Joan and Melissa Rivers who were on different teams discussed the importance of selecting large statement items such as big cuff or bangle style bracelets instead of smaller earrings or other pieces.

Return of The Brooch

This is even true of the return of the brooch which is definitely coming back at the current time.

Why? A big beautiful brooch in any fashion from classic to trendy or edgy can instantly change up the look of last year's dressy black suit or tailored dress.

(Image of Tarina Tarantino Electric Koolaide Three Row Bead Stretch Cuff in Pink - Available at - All Rights Reserved).

Brooches, when they fall out of fashion, can be set into a big beautiful bracelet.

With the current economy the consumer buying trend is to minimize the purchase of lots of new fashions but to dress up and accessorize those already hanging in the closet that have a classic look - meaning the outfit can be worn indefinitely.

Hair Accessory Items Can Bridge Hair Care Maintenance Gaps

The same is true with hair. Since hair consumers are economizing on trips to the salon for highlights, lowlights and other chemical treatments, they are turning to bigger hair accessory accent pieces which will camouflage way overgrown roots.

(Image of Tarina Tarantino Vintage Flower Resin Ring - Available at in the Marketplace - All Rights Reserved).

Yes, it's currently in fashion to have some rootage but three or more inches or regrowth is still considered a signal of poor color maintenance. However, a well-chosen headband can help bridge the gap between your roots and your visits to your hair colorist.

Hair consumers are showing an interest in wider and more statement hair accessories much like the big bangles and statement cuffs. They are willing to spend more to buy one high quality item that can carry an entire look or buy lots of smaller and less pricey acccessories they can stack together or rotate for everyday hair wear.

While skinny headbands will also be fashion appropriate, look for hair accessory trends to get bigger, bolder, wider and more ornate over the next several months.

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