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Ali Lohan's Skinny Body Deemed Okay

Ali Lohan

Ali Lohan's Skinny Body Deemed Okay

Us Weekly caught up with Ali's mother, Dina Lohan to chat about her daughter's scary skinny body.  Many are concerned for Ali's health as she appears to be shrinking right before everyone's eyes.

Dina told Us that her daughter is just fine.  She also told the magazine she  "doesn't read any of the rubbish" printed about her 17-year-old daughter's bag of bones.

The starlet has been spotted this month in Beverly Hills and Oahu looking shockingly gaunt.

The Lohan matriarch also scoffed at rumors that Ali underwent plastic surgery. "I would never condone plastic surgery at such a young age,"

Dina also told Us. "Ali is a wonderful person and an amazing soul."

In a recent interview with Page Six magazine, Ali (who goes by her full name Aliana now) said that "she's always had a fast metabolism and is able to eat what she wants, from scrambled eggs with American cheese and hot sauce to Nutella."

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