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Kate Hudson, Denise Richards, Ali Lohan - Words Taken Out Of Context

The perpetually blonde and beautiful Kate Hudson has hit the promotional trail for the new hair care line developed with her celebrity hairdresser David Babaii.

While Kate is busy selling WildAid, she is also creating a buzz for her recent romantic sightings with Lance Armstrong while word that her relationship with bad boy Owen Wilson is kaput...for the second time.

(Image of Kate Hudson - - all rights reserved).

When pressed about her new relationship with Lance the bubbly actress told Ryan Seacrest "talking about a relationship only causes more problems and more words taken out of context. Everything is always misconstrued".

Kate added: “It’s better to let ... people speculate as much as they want to speculate. My main priority in my life is my son.”

And then there's Denise Richards. First of all, whether you love her or hate her, believe her or not, the woman has gorgeous hair and is very beautiful. Did she deliberately time her new reality TV show to ruin her ex-hubby Charlie Sheen's wedding? Does she exploit her two kids having them on the show? Is her dad "retarded" as Charlie has said. Hmmmm. Could it be that the he said/she said battles between Denise and Charlie are what Kate refers to as "words taken out of context?".

Denise gets it coming and going. Besides the Denise/Charlie Sheen/Brooke triangle there's the Heather/Richie Sambora/Denise triangle where Heather says that the ex-Mrs. Sheen stole her husband.

(Image of Denise Richards - - all rights reserved).

Denise counters with the fact that Heather dumped Richie first and Heather and Denise weren't even talking at the time. Who is telling the truth and who is taking things out of context? Will we ever know? Or will we ever really care?

I have heard smack from "inside sources" on both Denise and Heather from their handlers and everything is in direct contradiction about both of them and to what the media says. So what is real? Will we ever know?

What about Ali and Mom Lohan? In the most recent episode mom coaches Ali about how to deal with the media and in so many words tells her brunette tressed daughter that sometimes it's better to not comment rather than have things misconstrued. Of course there are references to big sister Linds and all of her media related troubles with the implication that almost everything printed was bogus trumped up media garbage.

Having been the unwitting victim to words taken out of context in the past, I totally get the importance of the written word.

But does that even completely stop the dreaded he said/she said/they said when in reality none of it was real? According to Charlie, Denise sent emails to his new wife asking for Charlie's sperm so she could have more children by Charlie.

My question about the validity of those claims is...did anyone ever see the emails? And even emails could be doctored. Did it happen? Do we care?

Words taken out of context and media smack along with hordes of "haters" seems to be part of the fame connection. In fact, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, The Hills reality couple that people love to hate, have said in an interview that you know you've made it when you have haters. If you don't have haters, who the heck are you anyway?

Even a large number of critics reviewing the new Sex And The City wrote hater reviews. Did it stop the fans from swarming to the theaters driving the movie close to $100 Million in revenues in just ten days? Nah. Why? Because if you love SATC you don't even read the nasty reviews. Or if you do, the reviewers lose instant cred.

Kate obviously adores her son and appears to be a good mom.

As far as Denise Richards.....her mom recently died, which is hard under any circumstances and we all know that Charlie Sheen spents wads of cash with call girls in the past. Proof of that actually has been presented by a famous ex-madam. Is Denise blameless? Well we know there are always two sides to every story.

The Lohans? Who really knows what really happened with Dina, Lindsay and the rest of the fam? How much of their words and/or lives have been taken out of context?

Bottom line? Give Kate Hudson, Denise Richards and The Lohans a break. Afterall, would you want to take a walk in their shoes? Fame does have its price and from where I'm sitting it appears to have a pretty big pricetag.

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