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Effect Of Not Eating

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Effect Of Not Eating

When you're working on a weight loss program it's important to understand that not eating can cause as many problems as eating too much.

Although you may think that severely limiting your daily caloric intake will help you lose weight faster, in reality, it could actually sabotage your weight loss program.

According to obesity specialists cutting food intake too severely can ultimately prevent weight loss.

Why?  Not eating enough calories can slow down your metabolism.  When you're not eating enough calories your body may decide you're starving and try to

If you're on a weight loss plan be sure to eat at least the number of calories that your body burns while you're at rest.

Sample Equation

The sample equation below shows you how to calculate the number of calories.


For example,  if you're a 35 year old woman who is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 130 pounds follow the formula below:

1.  Multiply your weight by 4.3 and your height in inches by 4.7.  (130 x 4.3 = 559; 64 x 4.7 = 301)

2.  Add these two numbers together plus another 655 calories (559 +301 = 860; 860 +655 = 1,515)

3.  Multiply your age by 4.7 and subtract this from the previous total (35 x 4.7 = 165:  1,515 - 165 = 1,350

If a 35 year old woman who is 5' 2" and weights 130 pounds consumes fewer then 1,350 calories a day there would be risk of slowing metabolism to the point where the weight loss plan is sabotaged.

Of course once weight is loss the daily caloric intake can be adjusted appropriately.

Calculating Your Own Formula

Substitute your own age, height and current weight to determine the optimal number of calories you should eat every day.

If you haven't been eating the minimal calories equal to what your body burns at rest than try to focus on that number for at least a few weeks to determine if it helps you start losing weight.

Weight loss experts have also discovered that eating 6-8 smaller meals will help to burn weight more efficiently than eating  less larger meals.  Eating breakfast has also been proven to help get the metabolism going early in the day.

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