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Eating Chicken And Urinary Tract Infection Potential

Eating Chicken And Urinary Tract Infection Potential

Chicken Kaboobs On Grill

Can eating chicken lead to urinary tract infections?  It's possible.  If you're prone to developing urinary tract infections (UTI) you may want to incorporate some food-safety measures when eating chicken or other forms of poultry.

Researchers in Canada tested raw chicken samples selected from grocery stores and restaurants.

More than 60% of the samples had drug resistant strains of E.coli bacteria which are known to trigger UTIs.  Especially in those who are most prone to developing urinary or related problems.

Obviously eating raw chicken or any type of poultry is not recommended in any type situation.  Developing a UTI would be the least of your problems if you eat raw poultry.

The Canadian researchers didn't study raw chicken to determine if eating chicken would cause UTIs.  However, they did determine the importance of the proper handling of raw chicken, poultry or any types of foods high at risk for carrying E.coli bacteria if you are at risk for UTI or have a compromised immune system.

Precautions To Take

Fried Chicken

1.  When buying chicken or poultry at the grocery store make sure that all food is securely packaged to keep it segregated from the rest of your foods.

2.  Wash hands before and after handling chicken or any other type of raw meets from the store.

3.  Make sure hands and fingernails are very clean after handling chicken and/or raw meats before using the restrooms.  In rare cases it's possible that the E.coli in the meat or packaging could be transferred from hands to your body during wiping.  This could trigger a UTI.

4.  Always cook raw meat until it's fully cooked.  Never eat meat only partially cooked.

5.  Keep all serving boards, counters and utensils which have touched raw meat separate from the rest of your food.  Wash and sterilize those items after they have made contact with raw chicken, poultry or similar raw items.

6.  When eating chicken or meat at restaurants make sure that the food is well cooked.

7.  Avoid eating any meat which may seem spoiled, undercooked or have an unusual odor or color.

8.  If you notice a direct reaction between eating any type of meat such as chicken, beef or poultry with an increase in UTI symptoms, consider that your body may be more sensitive to the hormones in meat which is not organic and/or grass fed.

Some experts have suggested there may be an increased risk for people who are prone to developing UTIs or similar yeast conditions when eating meats which may have a high concentration of hormones which are used to plump up animals for market.

Marinated Chicken

Consider keeping a food journal and making a note of any flare-ups of UTI or yeast related symptoms and the foods that you consume on a daily basis.  This will help you determine food sensitivies.

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