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Listening To Mozart Helps Preemies Put On Pounds

Dr. Ronit Lubetzky of Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center has studied the impact of soothing sounds of classical Mozart music on premature babies and has discovered that the sounds help babies gain weight faster and go home from the hospital sooner than babies that were not exposed to the music.

I find this interesting because music has been previously scientifically proven to have an impact on all type of human eating experiences.

(Image of baby courtesy of HAAP Media - All Rights Reserved)

Eating while listening to soft and soothing music has been indicated as a way to help recognize fullness for adults and is sometimes suggested as a way to help dieters get in touch with their fullness levels.

Slower Metabolism Might Explain Increased Weight Gains?

According to the study, doctors looked at the potential effects of Mozart on 20 premature, but otherwise healthy, infants based on the idea that a slower metabolism might explain the infants' increased weight gain.

The study incorporated a variety of measurements including the resting metabolism of the babies as they listened to 30 minutes of Mozart on two consecutive days.  Then their metabolism was measured during 30 minutes of silence on the following two days.

The scientists found that the infants' metabolism slowed up to 13 percent within 10 to 30 minutes of listening to a "Baby Mozart" CD.

Dr. Lubetzky, the lead author of the study said "we speculate that the effect of music on resting energy expenditure might explain, in part, the improved weight gain that results from this Mozart effect."

(Image of Music CD - HAAP Media - All Rights Reserved)

Opening The Door For More Music And Food Studies

Of course this published scientific study opens the door for more study in the area of music and metabolism.  However, studies have shown that rock, rap, or any type of beat filled music will tend to make people eat more.   Eating more, depending on the person, may or may not lead to weight gain or prevention of weight loss.

Classical music in general has been proven to slow down the eating experience and leaves the diners feeling more full and  satisfied.

Eating requires focus and concentration so that the brain can assimilate the idea that the body should be full. By chewing slowly and with concentration it is easier to become full and actually experience the fullness.

Television is also a negative impact on eating and has been shown to cause people to eat faster and higher quantities of food.

(Image of baby bottles - HAAP Media - All Rights Reserved)

Some restaurant chains have been known to experiment with playing loud rock music to speed up how fast diners eat, thus turning the tables faster, but also whether they order high quantities of food.

Other chains, including sports bars, have incorporated loud television sets placed throughout the establishment which may influence some to eat more food since the focus of the diner is redirected from their food.

How does the Mozart and the weight gain in premature babies connect to eating in adults?  Hard to say but it does trigger the question of how music may or may not help people control their intake of food, learn to recognize fullness signals from their body and be more aware in general.

Of course with these types of studies it's always important to do your own research to acquire your own information and how it might relate to you and your lifestyle.

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