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Hair Braids Can Make Or Break Fashion

Kimberly Mini Runway Show Project Runway S9

Hair Braids Can Make Or Break Fashion

Braids have been popular since the beginning of time and regularly enjoy a resurgence of wild popularity in the hair, beauty and fashion worlds. Braids have been back as a go-to hairstyle for the past year.

Kimberly - Mini Collection - Project Runway S9

Braids often show up on the catwalks since they can be styled in a myriad of ways to create a very unique hairstyle.

They also can be instantly popped on thanks to the innovations made with clip-in hair extensions.

Ultimately who could imagine that braids could ever be anything but a great hairstyle option for just about any hair length, type, texture and event.

Unfortunately for Kimberly, the three strand braids she selected for her three models in the recent Project Runway - Season 9 Finale Part I - almost killed her fashions.

The remaining four Project Runway competitors were tasked with created a mini-collection to showcase the direction their final collections were taking.

The remaining four include Viktor, Anya, Kimberly and Joshua.  Viktor and Joshua hit it out of the park not only with their three individual designs, but with their selection of hair, make-up and accessories.  

Kimberly - Mini Collection - Project Runway S9

Anya lost major points for her final gown and looked to be headed for a good-bye kiss from judge Heidi Klum.

Losing Runway Points Due To Braided Hairstyles

Kimberly lost major points not only for her designs, but for the accessories and specifically the braids.  I don't always agree with the judges but in this case the braids clashed with the overall fashion theme and fabrics.

The braids had a very high base positioned at the top of the crown with the three strand braid cascading down over one shoulder.

The plaited hairstyles taken standalone were beautifully styled and finished.  However, when combined with Kimberly's vibrant designs, created a major distraction which appeared to put Kimberly on the chopping block along with Anya.

In a shocking move, none of the four designers were eliminated and all will be showing their designs at New York Fashion Week.

Use Of Color, Fabric, Design With Hairstyles, Make-up And Accessories

Kimberly - Mini Collection - Project Runway S9

Kimberly - Mini Collection - Project Runway S9

One of  the great things about Project Runway is that not only do the designers get judged for their use of color, fabric and design, they are rated according to the hairstyles they select for the models, the make-up and the accessories.


The wrong shoe, updo, jewelry, earrings or sunglasses has been known to cause designers to get eliminated.

The fact that Kimberly's selection of fashion forward three strand braids resulted in specific criticism should prove a lesson to all.

Hair, make-up and accessories do count and should always be considered as part of the total look for any type of fashion look from everyday to evening gown.

Can braids work with any fashion?  Maybe, but it's important to evaluate whether they will provide complement or distract from the overall fashion statement.

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