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Interlaced Fishtail Back Braid

Interlaced Fishtail Back Braid

RachelZoeBackBraid2_250h Rachel Zoe Back Braid From Spring Summer 2014 Collection - Hair by Antonio Corral Calero - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved

Antonio Corral Calero took fishtail braids to a stunning new level for the Rachel Zoe Spring Summer 2014 show.

The amazingly talented hairstylist commented about the sassy interlaced fishtail back braid he designed and created on the models for the runway.

Antonio said "the look is inspired by a girl in a safari; she may not be able to wash her hair for a couple days.

There’s a lot of texture, a lot of braids. We pull some pieces out that fly away. It’s about simplicity and feeling hot."

Fishtail Braids With Contrasting Shine & Mussed Texture

Antonio interlaced fishtail braids using an array of hair styling products. He created contrasting shine and mussed texture on the strands for a fresh yet natural finish.

He noted "we have seen a lot of braids and ponytails, tons of variations of ponytails.

Anything goes, it’s all about how you interpret beauty. We’re at a time of our lives were it’s about personality and adapting style to your own personality."

Hair Trends For Spring & Summer 2014

Antonio told that this all natural hair look would prevail for Spring and Summer 2014. Indeed, many of the hairstyles which appear on the fashion runways are a sneak peak of future hair trends.

The interlaced fishtail back braid combines a mixture of strong and soft elements, juxtaposing a soft messy top and hairline with a romantic, messy strong braided tail in the back. The back braid is created by carefully massaging the braids with fingers.

RZFishtailBraidSide_250h Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2014 Collection - Hair by Antonio Corral Calero - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved

This braid works on most types and textures of hair which is naturally long. It can also be created on hair which is extended.

How To Create Interlaced Fishtail Back Braid

Recreate this amazing interlaced fishtail back braid on your own hair by completing the following steps:

Step 1 - Apply a defristant/volume enhancing {{asin=B000ULPFP4,text=styling cream}} and/or mousse throughout newly cleansed and towel blotted hair. Blow dry hair straight with a round brush to create volume and movement.

Step 2 - Create a section at the top of the head by parting hair along the parietal ridge on both sides securing at the top of the head with a hair clip.

Step 3 - Spray hair which is down on each side of the head liberally with a firm hold hair spray to coat tresses, focusing from the roots to mid-length.  This will create texture and help to hold the braids in place.

Step 4 - Use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush to direct the newly coated hair back and against the head..

Step 4 - Pulling  sides back, divide the hair at the back of the head into two equal sized sections.  Braid each section so that you have two loose fishtail style braids.

RZFishtailBraidFront_250h Rachel Zoe Spring/Summer 2014 Collection - Hair by Antonio Corral Calero - BeautyPress - All Rights Reserved

Step 5 - Back-comb the end of each braid to secure.

Step 6 - Release the hair clip at the top of the head and coat with a finishing cream, brushing hair toward the back of the head.

Step 7 - Gently massage fishtails to loosen and create texture.

Step 8 - Loosely braid the two fishtails and slicked back ends from the top of the head together and secure with a clear elastic, bringing the end of the braid to a point.

Step 9 - Pin the top of the braid to the neck to secure.

Step 10 - Spray a very light shine serum over the slicked-back top section and smooth back with a 100% boar bristle brush to create a glossy finish.

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