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Lauren Conrad's Shorter Hairstyle On The Hills - Girls Night Out Episode

Lauren Conrad’s Shorter Hairstyle With Braid

Lauren Conrad's Shorter Hairstyle On The Hills - Girls Night Out Episode

On the most recent episode of MTV's sizzling hot The Hills (Girls Night Out - 4/14/08,) Lauren Conrad (aka L.C.) showed up at People's Revolution in LA with shorter hair and a hot hairline slanted braid.

L.C. had previously agreed to help her BFF Whitney with LA Fashion Week and looked very stylish even though she was dressed to work hard signing and lining up models for the show.

Of course Lauren looked very cute and stylish with her shorter bob inspired layered hairdo. As you would expect, the reality TV superstar completely changed up her new haircut with her front line braid, shattered ends and a "mini" hair bump for a softer look.

When created too tightly, hairline braids can look severe or harsh. Lauren's braid which runs from side to side rather than from front to back is what is known as an "invisible" or "underhanded braid".

Although the braid itself is rather easy to create, it is unlikely that Lauren created the braid on her own hairline. Why? It can be tricky to create a slanted hairline braid on your own hair and achieve a uniform plaiting which Lauren's style has.

To add to the softness factor hair from behind the braid near the crown is brushed back up and slightly over the braid with strands hanging down over the ears. In reality, if you didn't look closely you might think the braid was actually a type of headband. It's a very fashion forward hairstyle and very flattering to the lovely Lauren.

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