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Topknot Hairstyle How To

Topknot Hairstyle Topknot Hairstyle

Introduction - Topknot Hairstyle How To

The only requirement for a great topknot hairstyle is hair long enough to be pulled up on top of your head.  If your own hair isn't long enough you can also blur the lines with fusion extensions.

Topknots are actually one of the best go-to hairstyles for just about any imaginable hairstyle event from everyday hair wear to a formal wedding, Prom or party hair event.

The beauty of topknots is that they're easy to create, look different on every size and shape of head and work with just about every type of hair and texture.

Difference Between Topknots And Other Buns

The different between topknots and regular buns, chignons, ballerina buns or twists?  Topknots are positioned at the top of the head and resemble a tight knot.

Ashley Tisdale Topknot Ashley Tisdale Topknot

Ideally topknots are created on either naturally straight or temporarily straightened hair to achieve the sleek knot style.

Topknots can be glammed up by combing them with a myriad of headbands, tiaras or embellished bobby pins, bun covers, barrettes or jeweled combs.

Topknots can be worn halfway between the crown and hairline, closer to the hairline, adjacent to the crown or with an assortment of parts and fringes.

Topknots can also be dressed up with a few loose strands teased around the hairline.

The only limit to how you can put your own signature on a topknot is the amount of  hair you have and the type of hair accessories you select.

How To Create A Topknot Hairstyle

This type of hair twist works best on day old hair which gives it a firm grip.

Optionally you can create your topknot on newly cleansed strands which have been blow dried straight.

Top Knot With Side Part Top Knot With Side Part

1.  Use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush and direct hair off the hairline.  A fringe or part is optional.

2.  Pull all of the hair into a high pony but don't secure.  Hold pony base with one hand.

3.  Lift end of the ponytail and flip entire tail over the base once to anchor.

4.  Once hair has been flipped over, lift end of tail and twist clockwise repeatedly until the tail starts to fold back on itself.

5.  Wrap the twisted tail into a small tight circle or knot using hands to arrange and form.

6.  Anchor knot to your head in the desired position with bobby pins the same color as your hair.  Be sure to pin securely.

7.  Finish with a spritz of firm hold hairspray.

8.  Once styling spray is dry add any desired hair accessories from headbands and tiaras to bun holders, crystal pins, barrettes or clips.

Summary - Topknot Hairstyle How To

If you want to switch it up leave some texture, form a topknot positioned right under the crown off a side part and use fingers to loosely pull texture out.

Knots can be any height and design.  That's the beauty of this versatile hairstyle.

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