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Lack Of Hair Privacy - Another Reason Not To Be Famous

Footballer Wayne Rooney in 2008 - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved Footballer Wayne Rooney in 2008 - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Lack Of Hair Privacy - Another Reason Not To Be Famous

Although the world has increasingly become celebrity obsessed, there's a definite downside to being famous.  Lack of hair privacy is definitely one of those disadvantages as witnessed recently by Manchester United player Wayne Rooney.

The 25 year old celebrity footballer was the butt of jokes in the press and even with his own teammates.

Fellow Manchester United player Michael Owen joked on Twitter about the receding hairline of Rooney.

The Combover

In what many considered a cruel gesture, team mate Cristiano Ronaldo gave Rooney the nickname of Bobby Charlton.

Charlton was famous for wearing a dreaded comb over.

A comb over or combover is a type of hairstyle often adopted by bald or balding men which involves draping or combing longer sections of hair across the forehead or the obvious bald spots in an attempt to disguise, hide or minimize any indication of hair loss.

Throughout the years many male celebrities have worn iconic combovers including comedian Don Rickles and Zero Mostel, to name a few.

Uncomfortable In The Hair Loss Spotlight

Wayne Rooney in 2012 - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved Wayne Rooney in 2012 - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

Obviously Rooney was uncomfortable in the hair loss spotlight and according to his wife Coleen made the decision on his own to have a follicular unit extraction (FUE) also known as a follicular transfer or FT.  In June 2011, he visited the Harley Street Hair Clinic and had a hair transplant

In this procedure individual follicle units are extracted directly from the hair restoration patient's donor area, ideally one at a time.  The follicle units are then relocated from other donor sites and transferred or transplanted to other areas of the scalp.

Secret Hair Visits

While that might seem rude and insensitive, Britain's Sun which sometimes strikes fear into the hearts of celebrities in the UK launched a full blown investigation to Rooney's "secret visits" to a hair clinic for special hair loss treatments.

Showing grace under fire on Twitter and from his teammates, the athlete trumped the Sun and other media by sharing his hair treatments to reverse hair loss.  He embraced the fact that his secret hair loss treatments were out and discussed them openly both on Twitter and in other media outlets.

Going Bald At 25

WayneRooney2009_250h Wayne Rooney in 2009 - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved

He said "just to confirm to all my followers, I have had a hair transplant.  I was going bald at 25.  Why not.  I'm delighted with the result."

Good for Rooney.  He handled his hair loss challenges with grace and good humor.

Summary - Lack Of Hair Privacy - Another Reason Not To Be Famous

In today's society many people long to bask in the spotlight of fame.  Unfortunately for Wayne Rooney that spotlight was directed at the top of his head and focused on his hair loss challenges, which he most likely preferred to keep private.  Understanding that the world was watching his follicles, Rooney bravely announced that he had hair replacement surgery.

Of course this is just another reason not to want to be in the public spotlight since pretty much nothing you do will be regarded as sacred, including your challenges with hair.

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