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Bad Hair Day Media For Prime Minister Kevin Rudd?

When you read about "bad hair days" in the media it is usually tied to a famous celebrity who was caught with bad hair extensions, gray or black roots or other hair challenges.

Now the media buzz about bad tresses is spreading to the world of politics.  Aussie Prime Minister Kevin Rudd supposedly, according to press reports, threw a hair related temper tantrum during a prior visit to Afghanistan last year.

The reason for the PM's hair meltdown?  Supposedly he could not use a blow dryer on his trip to style his hair and was quite upset about the lack of hot hair tools.  But did the Prime Minister really throw a bad hair related tantrum or is it just political sniping by Coalition frontbencher John Cobb looking to knock Mr. Rudd down a few notches in the political arena?

When asked about his alleged ire of the lack of a blow dryer, Mr Rudd denied the allegations as ridiculous.  He also pointed his own finger at Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull.

In an interview with Fairfax Radio, the Prime Minister stated "this particular allegation by Mr. Turnbull is absolutely ridiculous and absolutely false and designed, I presume, to distract attention from Mr. Turnbull's own problems in his own political party which are considerable."

Mr. Turnbull has avoided extensive comment on the hair raising tale of blow dryer woe.  All he would said is "I have no interest in Mr. Rudd's grooming habits."

Meanwhile, Mr. Rudd has said that "if you are a Liberal Party without a positive proposal to deal with the economic recession then obviously such a Liberal Party is likely to engage in personality politics."

The now infamous Mr. Cobb, however, has told the Herald Sun he stands by his story. "I heard from a few people in the Defence forces - they were going on and on about it," the Herald Sun reports Mr. Cobb as saying.

While its never appropriate to throw a bad hair day related tantrum, especially if you're a public official, we can certainly understand the trauma of having the need for a hot tool and none to be found.

What do you think?  Did PM Kevin Rudd really have a meltdown over a hot hair tool or is he the victim of political foes trying to spread bad hair tales?

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