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Paul Rudd Has Naturally Curly Hair

Paul Rudd Has Naturally Curly Hair

Actor Paul Rudd was recently a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show where he chatted about the appearance of his natural curly hair during puberty,  his new sex symbol image and his latest film 'I Love You Man' which is about the ultimate bro-mance.

Ellen spent quite a bit of time talking with Paul and showing clips of his new movie before they took a break.

Most Lovable Movie Star & Sex Symbol

After the break Ellen told her audience "I'm sitting here with the most lovable movie star, Paul Rudd."  The funny lady said "now you're being called the sex symbol.  Do you see yourself, have you been dying for this to come out?"

(Image of Paul Rudd at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'I Love You, Man' at Mann's Village Theater, Westwood, CA - 03-17-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Paul was laughing and blushing.  He appeared to be very embarrassed by being referred to as a "sex symbol."

Mom Rudd Does Spit Take

Paul said "by the way, my mom and my sister are here.  We all came here together.  The guy in the pre-interview was saying about this thing of me being a sex symbol and my mom (who was in the pre-interview) actually choked on her water laughing."

Paul told Ellen "My mom did a legitimate spit take.  Which when they really happen, even when spit takes are fake they're funny, but when they're real they're hilarious."

Ellen asked "that's your mom?"  Paul confirmed and pointed "that's my mom."

Ellen questioned "laughing at your?"  She said "is it because of this yearbook picture you didn't have the confidence?  Ellen showed a photo on a large screen of Paul from high school with really big curly hair.

The funny lady referred to Paul's hair and said "you're beautiful."  An awkward Paul was laughing at the photo.

(Image of Paul Rudd from "Along Came Polly" Premiere - 01-12-04 - - All Rights Reserved).

John Oates Curly Hair - Mullet Style

Paul looked at the photo and commented "that was when puberty hit me like a Mack truck and my hair went from straight to kinda John Oates curly.   I actually used to look in the mirror because I kinda had the Mullet too and my hair was really curly."

The actor continued "I would take a black comb and put it over my lip and look in the mirror and I really thought I kinda looked like I was in Hall and Oates.  That is horrible.  I'm proud of that.  UGH"

Paul and Ellen eventually played some word games during which Paul made a joke about still living in the era of his old high school photo which his exploding curls.

Paul's Naturally Curly Hair

Paul couldn't have been more charming.  Obviously Ellen enjoyed her time with him.  Paul's interview brings up an interesting question.

(Image of Paul Rudd and wife Julie - 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' Los Angeles Premiere - 04-10-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

What happened to Paul's natural curls?   Did he have his hair relaxed or straightened?  Or does he just get it cut so that the curls don't appear so obvious?

Would you have known Paul had naturally curly hair which appeared during puberty if he hadn't discussed it on Ellen?

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