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Andy Samberg Wrote MTV Award Skit For Ellen Many Years Before

Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live fame recently appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about his new role in the popular movie, I Love You Man as well as his work on a variety of other projects.

All of a sudden the naturally curly haired comedian is popping up all over the media and TV due to his role on the movie, I Love You Man with Paul Rudd.

(Image of Andy Samberg - I Love You Man Premiere - - All Rights Reserved - 2009)

When Andy, of the wild and crazy curly hair, appeared on Ellen's stage, a hot rap track was playing.  Andy complimented Ellen right off the bat, after they hugged and he sat down.  He said "hot track, hot track".

Meeting At MTV Awards Six Or Seven Years Ago

Ellen said "yeah I'm so happy to have you here, I'm a big fan and I don't think we've met.  Have we met?"

Andy said "well you may not think we've met, but I was a writer for the MTV Movie Awards about six or seven years ago. You had a bit on there where you came out in a Spider Ray mask, I don't know if you recall?"  Ellen said with great emphasis "oh do I!"

Ellen's Editing Was Wayyyy Funnier

He continued "anyways, I was given the duty of finding you in the Green Room and showing you the script. I remember thinking... this thing (the script) is kinda funny, but we'll see what she thinks.  And I brought it to you.  I remember you looked through it, flipped through it, really fast and you went "this is OK, but we're gonna do this here, this here and this here, and that." Then you handed it back to me and I said "wayyyyy funnier."  Ellen laughed.

He said "and I walked out sort of Sunni like "Ellen is soooo funny and good at comedy.  And I was doing that."

Andy Has Fast Growth Disorder

Ellen teased "yeah...I remember."  She laughed and continued, slapping him on the knee for emphasis "I don't remember that but you had to have been nine or something like that."  Andy said "I was about nine, yeah."  Ellen said "you seem so young".  Andy said "I had that fast growth disorder like Jack in the movie Jack."

Ellen said "so that's what you did, that's how you started out...because you're so great on Saturday Night Live."

Starting As A Writer - Being Discovered By Jimmy Fallon

Andy said "thanks"  Ellen said "you started out as a writer?"  He said yes, "me and my two friends (Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone) started out as writers together and then when we wrote for Jimmy Fallon he recommended to Loren (Loren Michaels of Saturday Night Live) that we audition (for the show), so we got in that way, so yeah."

Ellen said "and now you're hosting the MTV Movie Awards?  That's fantastic."  Andy said "I am".  Ellen said "this year coming up.  It hasn't been announced?." Andy said "yeah this year."

Ellen said "and you never know what happens in this town because you started out doing that and now you're on Saturday Night Live and your hosting those awards and you're and Emmy winner and...."  Andy laughed and smiled and said "I am an Emmy winner."  Ellen said "remember those little digital films with Justin Timberlake, uh what was the name of that?  I forget again."

The Famous D In A Box Song

Andy said "The "Dxxx" In A Box Song".  When he said it the word was bleeped by the show. Ellen said "yeah, yeah."  Ellen said "you wrote that?"  Andy said "me and my friends, yes."  Ellen said "I think we have a clip of that."  A clip was played of the X rated but famous song for the audience.

Ellen said "what's really a shame about it is that it's such a catchy tune you can't get it out of your head. You just can't.  It's such a great song."

Andy said "its the Justin in us all."  Ellen said "so you have an Emmy for that song.  Does it say that on the Emmy?"  Andy said "it says the "D" word.  Yeah"  He said "that was the greatest joy of getting that Emmy.  He said we made the Emmys write "Dxxx".  Ellen said "it's on the Emmy, that's hilarious."

I Love You Man

Ellen said "I remember when I saw that I literally showed everybody I knew because I thought it was the funniest video I ever saw. Hilarious, hilarious.  And now you're in this movie "I Love You Man" with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel and a lot of great people.  Tell people about your character."

Andy said in the movie "I play Paul Rudd's younger brother and I try to help him figure out how to talk to dudes because he doesn't have a best friend and he's getting married so he needs a best man.  My character is gay, but Paul Rudd is my brother and I like my dad better.  Paul has always been a kind of girlfriend guy and I'm giving him advice on how to talk to dudes."

Ellen said "you're very funny in it and Paul Rudd is constantly trying to be cool and says the stupidest things all the time and it is very funny."

Andy agreed "yeah he's awesome."  Ellen said "its a great cast."

Ellen asked "what is the CD you have - The Lonely Island?"  Andy "yes - that's me and my buddies, we are a team that existed before SNL but the three of us are responsible for all the digital shorts and we put out a record. It has D in a box and other X rated shorts.

Ellen "fantastic"  Ellen told him he was so adorable and so talented and she thanked him for being on the show.

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