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Art Of Naturally Curly Hair As Canvas

All types and textures of hair from straight to naturally curly can be cut, colored, highlighted and lowlighted to create spectacular results.  These eye popping results can be learned by acquiring the Angus M Volume 3 - The Trilateral Collection DVD from Paul Mitchell.

(Image courtesy of Paul Mitchell - Hair: Angus Mitchell, DJ Muldoon, Colin Caruso, Jay Small, Noogie Thai - All Rights Reserved).

Cut, color and style connect for a trilateral approach to modern, wearable hair. Hair becomes your

3-dimensional canvas.  How are spectacular hairstyles created like this naturally curly hairstyle?

1.  First sculpt the curls with scissors to maximize the natural form, shape and movement of the coils.

2.  Paint the newly sculpted natural curls with color.

3.  Shape and style hair into living, breathing architecture.

Hairdresser Colin Caruso talks about the hair he created for The Trilateral Collection with Angus Mitchell, DJ Muldoon, Jay Small and Noogie Thai.

Colin said "my inspiration is my salon.  The Trilateral Collection offers techniques that help hairdressers be more successful-to make the reality of what we do in the salon a little bit easier."  “It’s important to see how shape influences color and have the cut and color meet in the middle. My inspiration is my salon.

DJ Muldoon says about The Trilateral Collection, "we're demonstrating a common-sense approach to haircutting that's simple and versatile. The triangle sectioning uses less density than the circles in our last collection. The diagonal shape allows hairdressers to play with the weight distribution and make each cut their own."

Hair: Angus Mitchell, DJ Muldoon, Colin Caruso, Jay Small, Noogie Thai

Photography: Spicer

Wardrobe: Emma Trask

Makeup: Amy Oresman

More ABout The Angus M Volume 3 - The Trilateral Collection DVD

Discover modern haircuts, fresh color techniques and innovative styling from Angus Mitchell, DJ Muldoon, Colin Caruso, Jay Small

and Noogie Thai. Make every look your own and raise your creativity to a new dimension.

What's inside:

• Four geometric, customizable haircuts in short, medium and long lengths and a variety of textures

• Salon-ready color techniques with flexible and innovative color placement

• An array of styling and finishing options using Paul Mitchell Pro Tools

• Tip cards for step-by-step guidance

• A limited-edition Trilateral Collection booklet featuring an inside look into each hairdresser's influences, techniques, and favorite products

If you are a professional hairdresser, to get the Angus M Volume 3 Trilateral Collection DVD in your salon, contact your John Paul Mitchell Systems Distributor.

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