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Kevin Connolly of “Entourage” At Golden Globes

Ryan Seacrest snagged Kevin Connolly as he walked the Red Carpet for the Golden Globes in E's live coverage of the arrivals.  Kevin was nominated as an Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical.

(Image of Kevin Connolly - D&G Flagship Opening in Support of YThe Art of Elysium - 12-15-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Kevin looked handsome in a dark suit with his dark blonde hair perfectly coiffed.

The TV actor is competing against Alec Baldwin of 30 Rock, Steve Carell of The Office, David Duchovny of Claifornication and Tony Shalhoub of Monk.  Stiff competition indeed.

Based on his answers on the Red Carpet it appears that Kevin is thrilled to just be nominated.  Indeed, it is a turning point for the actor who has a new film coming out - I'm Just Not That Into You.

Kevin Conley told Ryan he was very excited because this was his first Golden Globe award nomination, in fact it was his first award nomination ever.  Ryan asked Kevin if he was nervous and Kevin said "I'm not going to lie I'm a nervous wreck".

Ryan asked Kevin, who looked very handsome, whe he would thank if he won the awards.  Kevin said "I don't want to jinx anything" but certainly "when you fall asleep at night you think about who you would thank".  So yes, Kevin has certainly thought about who he might thank if "some miracle happened" and he did win the Golden Globe.

Ryan asked Kevin "how true is Entourage to Hollywood"?  Kevin told Ryan that Entourage "is a TV show but we've come very close to what Hollywood is like".  Ryan pointed out that fans want to be part of the show and just love it.

Kevin said "I wish I had an agent like Ari Gold" (Jeremy Piven who is also nominated for a Golden Globe) and he said "so its pretty close" to real Hollywood life.

Ryan asked if the Entourage guys had called and Kevin said "all the guys had called" and they are all going to get together a little later and take some photos together.

Ryan asked Kevin who was his date - who did Kevin come with.  Kevin said "he came with his mom".  However Kevin's mom "didn't want to be interviewed".  Kevin told Ryan that Ryan "made his mother nervous" and she was "hiding somewhere" else to avoid being on camera with Ryan.

Sadly Kevin did not win a Golden Globe.  In fact, Mark Walberg told Cameron Diaz that Kevin was "depressed" because he didn't win and "hated Alec Baldwin" who did win.  Whether Mark was being serious or not, it's true that Entourage didn't win any of the three awards they were nominated for.

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