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Zac Efron's Shows Off His Calvin Klein Tidy Whities

Twitter career continues to sizzle.  Proving what Adam Shankman said about Zac in Newsweek in June of 2006 the hunky young actor is "arguably the biggest teen star in America right now."

The star of Disney Channel's High School Musical films as Troy Bolton, the WB's Summerland series and Broadway's Hairspray is enjoying the success of 17 Again which took the box office by storm a few weeks.

Zac has several future films and episodes in development, but is currently filming a guest role on HBO's wildly popular Entourage.

Cameras recently caught Zac hanging with Jeremy Piven on the Entourage Set.  At one point Zac was spotted stretching his back which revealing that he was wearing tidy white Calvin Klein briefs.  Not bad product placement for Calvin Klein eh?

Even better for all of us Entourage fans, Zac Efron will play himself in an upcoming episode with the Entourage boys.  The Entourage hotties plus Zac Efron?  HBO will score big ratings on that.   The episode in question was supposedly filmed at the Bevely Hills Niketown boutique location.

"Entourage" returns to HBO July 12.  I for one can't wait.

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