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Hair Moods

I'm sure after ten years of writing about hair and hairstyling topics I have mentioned this topic before, but for some reason it's really on my mind today. Maybe because I'm having a really great hair day and my hair seems to be in great mood.

Yes, I honestly believe that hair goes through moods or phases.

No, I have absolutely no shred of scientific evidence (I'm sure a real scientist would be shuddering that I am even thinking hair could be independent) to support my own theories.  However, after many years of dealing with my own hair and its many challenges, I have come to believe my hair has its own cycle of moods.

Is my hair having its own independent moods or is it responding to my biological cycles, the weather, the time of year, whether I take my hair vitamins or other factors?

I suspect my hair mostly responds to how I am treating it and how I am feeling overall. It seems to be true when I am in a great mood, my hair looks great and when my hair is doing what I want, I feel great. Sounds a little shallow but it is what it is.

Does that mean my hair's mood is influencing me or I'm influencing my hair? Hmmmm. Hard to say. What I will say is that I'm extremely open minded and if someone can prove to me that hair has the ability to express independent moods I am definitely going to investigate.

Depending on your individual belief system, your hair is either responding to your own moods (boredom, stress, anxiety, anger...etc). or your hair has independent moods and is acting out.

Why would hair act out? It could be general hair care mistreatment or lack of proper maintenance. It could also be lack of interest from the person it is attached to. It could even be general boredom being worn the same way or a variety of factors.

Just as most humans get bored with eating the same old foods, driving the same way to work and wearing the same hairstyle and hair color, doesn't it make sense that our hair might rebel against too many sessions with the haircolorists or excessive use of hot blowdryers, curling irons or hot rollers?

What to do when hair is in "a mood"? It depends on the mood. If your hair is acting out by refusing to do what you want you might step back and evaulate your hair care regime. Instead of zigging with your hair maybe you should zag a bit.

One thing I do recommend, when you are having problems with your hair - whether you're have a mood or your hair is - don't do anything drastic. Resist the urge to chop it all, dye it DayGlo orange or other equally drastic colors.

Remember, this too shall pass.

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