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Can You Stay Healthy Without Exercise?

Can You Stay Healthy Without Exercise?

If you have no time to exercise regularly, you're asking for trouble.  Seriously!

Regular exercise can protect against heart disease, stroke, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and more. It also helps you to relax and sleep better at night. So, you'd think most people would find the time to exercise, right?

Unfortunately most people think they are either too busy to exercise or they do exercise but only once in a while.

On top of that they overload their bodies with heavy, unhealthy meals that pollute them because the foods they gobble up never get digested properly. So, healthy seeming people walk around with poisonous waste that swims inside their system. Yuck!

If your diet harms your body and you don't exercise regularly, your body becomes a magnet for a range of illnesses, from small aches and pains to life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease.

You see, our organs need to be cleansed in order to work efficiently. If you want to keep your body healthy, you must eat alkalizing foods that hose down waste out of your system. It makes sense because you don't want it there! Try The Alkaline Cook Book and see how easy it is to keep your body divinely clean.

You Are What You Eat

A healthy diet improves how you feel on the inside and it makes you shine on the outside. Not only do your looks improve but also your moods get better as you become a more optimistic person others want to be around with.

That's why you must figure out how to reduce and eliminate acid by consuming alkalizing foods, like: seeds, grains, soy beans, sprouted nuts, dark green vegetables and essential fatty acids.

Except that you can't be eating salads or grains alone and expect to be healthy. Your body needs good nutritious food that's not only healthy but also tastes delicious - otherwise it will rebel against you. So, what can you do?

You can't be healthy if your body is acidic.

The Alkaline Cook Book is filled with quick & easy healthy breakfast recipes that are guaranteed to make you look forward to rolling out of bed and keep you going until lunch and beyond! Not only that but your every meal is taken care of so you can just relax knowing that you're doing the right thing by your body.

Your body will love you for it.  Now, if you have a sweet tooth, here's some great news. You can indulge on the luscious desserts there without feeling guilty! The Alkaline Cook Book doesn't deprive your body of all the good things in life the way other diet programs do.

You know what you will love the most from the book?  The Alkaline Cook Book easy-to-make recipes make you feel full and satisfied with every meal. Yes, you feel great with EVERY meal!!

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