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Lucy Liu Shows Off Raven Back Wave Infused Long Hair On Today Show

Actress Lucy Liu stopped by this morning to chat with Hoda and Kathie Lee about loaning her voice to the sweet, fangless snake named “Viper” in the 3-D sequel to “Kung Fu Panda."  The character of "Viper" is part of the Furious Five fighting team and they are on a mission to defeat the Peacock villain voiced by Gary Oldman

During her chat Lucy, who was wearing her trademark raven black hair parted down the center and with soft cascading waves, revealed that even though her character is a viper she's a "sweet viper who loves Po - the Kung Fo Panda - and will do anything for him."

Lucy confirmed "she's very supportive of him and she's not born with many fangs so she's not poisonous."

Lucy revealed that she didn't have to stretch to "get into character" because the producers and directors wanted her to have the "same natural voice and natural mannerisms of who she is."  They didn't want her to change her voice or how she performed for the role. She noted they didn't want her voice to be "higher or lower" they didn't want "the tones to be different."

The great thing is "they can work around your schedule" and she was actually acting in a separate movie while doing the voice for "Viper."  She could basically set her schedule to show up and do the voice work when she had a "day off or half a day" or some other blocks of time.

Did she miss working with other actors, was it a little weird?  Lucy said "it is a little weird.  You know, you're rather work with other actors.  You have more fun, more energy, more chemistry but you have to kinda go with it. There's good and bad."

Lucy explained that "the director will tell you what she's imagining and you have to trust what she's asking you to do and just go with it."

The beautiful actress thinks Jack Black is "so adorable." Lucy noted that at the recent premiere there were tons of kids there who went crazy over Jack who performed high kicks for the fans.  Lucy admitted she had done high kicks when she was starring in Charlie's Angels but it's hard for her to do high kicks when she's wearing a skirt.

Lucy said she was recently in China filming "Man With Iron Fist" which co-stars Russell Crowe.  Lucy said the new Kung Fu Panda may not be for very young children but parents who know whether their kids will get scared or not can judge whether it's okay to take their kids to the movie.

She also noted that the adults seem to really enjoy the movie just as much as the kids.  Who wouldn't enjoy characters voiced by Jack Black and Lucy Liu.

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