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Jordan Knight Talks About Unfinished Business

Jordan Knight, lead singer of New Kids On The Block stopped by to chat with Hoda and Kathie Lee on The Today Show.  Jordan chatted about the new tour that combines New Kids with The Backstreet Boys.  The combined group will be singing on The Today Show plaza this Friday (June 3rd).

Jordan also chatted about releasing his first solo CD in five years titled "Unfinished Business."  Jordan confessed to Kathie Lee that "it's a little strange to be having a CD come out at the same time as launching a new tour.  It's also a little hectic." He noted "it's always a great time because there's so much exposure and I'm kinda riding the wave of the whole tour and everything else."

Jordan looked handsome but very relaxed and confided "we have a day off today."  Since the band was off Jordan said he "came to put out a CD" and Joe (Joey McIntyre) flew off to LA to put out a new baby. He's having a baby girl today."

When asked if the kids go on tour with their fathers Jordan said "they do come and they love it" and he said that Joe's son "he's like four years old and I'm like his favorite now because I'm Mr. Step by Step and that's his favorite song."  Jordan said that Joe had his song come on stage and Jordan was "showing him - Okay on that line you point out to the crowd and you have to wave your hand across"  Joe's song loved it and Jordan said "he's got it."

Jordan explained that his new CD took awhile to evolve and that initially he only thought about doing a few songs - maybe three - to just put some new work out there for his fans on Twitter.  However, it grew to six songs and then eight songs until it was a full CD, he got a distribution deal and now it's being released.  It was kinda of an experiment.  He wrote most of the songs as well.

He called the CD unfinished business because "as long as you stay positive, stay patient and stay open your life will always be unfinished."  He said life is "a work in progress."

How did the Backstreet Boys join up with New Kids On The Block?  Jordan said it kinda just happened.  He said the Backstreet Boys came to a New Kids performance at Radio City and "we invited them to sing a song onstage. But we didn't tell the audience."  Jordan "we were singing the Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That Way" and there was a lull in the song and the curtain comes up and boom - they show up. So everybody went crazy.  It took everyone one minute to get used to it.  Just one minute."

Jordan said that some people thought the bands were in competition but they're really not and it's been a great pairing.

Hoda told Jordan that fans had already been lining up to get into the concert on Friday and Jordan said "it's a beautiful thing.  When we came out we touched a lot of people at a tender age and they don't forget it."  And they don't forget their fans.

Tune in Friday to see the New Kids and Backstreet Boys perform on The Today Show.

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