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Celeb Stylist Alissa Marciana Explains Secrets Of Celeb Backless, Barely There Red Carpet Gowns

Catt Sadler at The E Countdown To The 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet examined the secrets celebrities and their stylists use to keep backless, low cut and barely-there gowns smooth and sexy.  Catt asked Celebrity Stylist Alissia Marciana how the stars keep from falling out of their gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpets.

Indeed, both the designers, the stylists and the stars do their best to avoid booty baring disasters.   Marciano explained how celebrities keep their backless gowns perfectly in place on their bodies.  Afterall, backless gowns are a huge trend on the Red Carpets right now as demonstrated by Anne Hathaway who wore a breathtaking backless Armani Prive sparkly gown at the recent Golden Globes.

Self-Adhesive Breast Cups

Marciana explained that the gorgeous Hathaway's stylist most likely created the star's lift and perky bust line with self-adhesive breast cups.   Anyone can purchase the self-adhesive breast cups.  Marciana demonstrated how to use them on a model.  She pointed out that the cups go in the front just like a regular bra and it provides lots of lift and cleavage depending on where you place the cups.

The adhesive breast cops go in the front just like a regular brought and the celebrity styles explained it provides lots of lifting cleavage depending on where you place them on your bust.  The celeb stylist pointed out that she loves these cups and they can be reused over and over if they are kept clean, dry and stored in the package they come in.   Every girl should own these cups.

Pins, Corsets, Sewn Into Gowns With Hidden Support Systems Built In

Sadler asked Marciana about how a star like Emma Stone who rocked a skin tight Calvin Klein gown at the Golden Globes managed to make it look like she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

The celebrity stylist agreed that the goal is to make it look like the stars are wearing absolutely nothing underneath their gorgeous second skin gowns but in reality they are usually pinned, corsetted or sewn into the gowns.  She pointed out stars like January Jones who wore an amazing Versace form fitting barely-there gown at the Golden Globes generally have a secret built-in form inside the gown which makes them look smooth and sleek.

She also said double sided tape cures a variety of body hugging challenges.  She said beside the built-in body forms and the double sided tapes the best bet is breast petals.  These little petals have a little silicone in the middle and fit directly over the breast to cover the nipples.

Holly Madison was the model for the breast petals wearing a gorgeous long Grecian Gown.  Holly explained Holly "my nipples don't like to hide" so ruching was strategically placed on Holly's gown and combined with double sided tape and breast petals  to make everything work perfectly and keep Holly's nipples hidden.

Although it looked like there wasn't a lot going on underneath the gowns, in fact there is a ton of stuff carefully arranged with double sided tape to keep everything secure and safely in place.

Holly pointed out that with the tape and the breast petals she felt very comfortable in her gown.

Designers, stylists and stars no longer have to worry about their careers because they have everything hanging together with a tiny bit of double sided tape.

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