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Giuliana Rancic - Just Call Her GiGi - Wore Ema Savahl At SAG Awards -

E! anchor and reality TV star Giuliana Rancic, or GiGi as Ross Matthews calls her, has to be one of the hardest working anchors in Hollywood.  Not only does the long tressed beautiful blonde appear to work killer hours, she always looks happy, cheerful and welcoming to a vast number of celebrities she meets, greets and interviews on all the major Red Carpet events.

Last night at the 17th Annual SAG awards broadcast from the historic Shrine Auditorium the lovely Giuliana was resplendent in a strapless white gown from Ema Savahl.  Giuliana said "I'm loving it right now" and she swished around a bit.  She said "I think the last time I wore white was my wedding day."

While her job looks glamorous, keep in mind she has to stand on those carpets with her beautiful smile during rain of shine, heat or cold and dressed to the nines.

The E celeb stands in sky high designer shoes (Jimmy Choos shoes last night) which probably aren't created for standing for hours at a time.  She also has to worry about asking appropriate but interesting questions, being entertaining, showing humor without sarcasm and appearing to have fun.

When all the craziness on the Red Carpet is ended, Giuliana then has to hustle to watch the various award shows so she can chat at the after parties, and appear on E! to discuss fashion, hair and accessory hits and misses. 

Meanwhile she has to be careful not to offend any of the big stars who could repay an inappropriate comment or question by refusing to speak to her or any of the other E! anchors again.

Although there are a myriad of other Red Carpet interview shows at all the big awards, I always prefer to go with E! if Giuliana is on the carpets.  I really have grown to love and appreciate Ryan Seacrest but I think Giuliana is the very best at interviewing the celebs with kindness, humor and charm.

The reality TV star married to Celebrity Apprentice Bill Rancic always looks stunning  Her hair is never anything less than gorgeous whether worn in long cascades of soft waves around her shoulders or up in a variety of twists, buns, braids or updos.

Ironically, while Giuliana and E's team of fashion watchers are analyzing and dissecting the hair, make-up, gowns and shoes of the celebrities, no one is really paying all that much attention to Giuliana or her team.

Yes I'm sure if she wore raggedly overalls and had hay sticking out of her teeth someone might ding her but overall, her gorgeous gowns, shoes, hair, make-up and jewels only get a second in the spotlight when she tells the audience what she's wearing.

Kudos to Giuliana for always delivering the greatest scoops, interviews and views from the Red Carpets.

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