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Catherine Zeta-Jones Hair How-To - From Celeb Hairdresser David Babaii

37th AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards - David Babaii's Hair Tips

The gorgeous raven haired movie star, Catherine Zeta-Jones recently wowed the world when she appeared on the Red Carpet at the 37th AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Her shimmering hairstyle was courtesy of the mega talented celeb hairdresser David Babaii who graciously agreed to share his How To Styling Secrets for creating Catherin's sleek strands.

David Babaii's Hairstyle How-To Secrets

After gently towel-drying her hair to remove excess water, I warmed a small amount of Hair Polish in the palms of my hands before applying it through Catherine's hair.

(Image of Catherine Zeta-Jones courtesy of David Babaii - All Rights Reserved).

I've found warming this product actually boosts its ability to seal the cuticle, while repairing and strengthening each strand. Not to mention the shine!

Next, I dried her hair using my David Babaii for WildAid Blow Dryer with the nozzle attachment and a large round brush to smooth hair straight. I recommend trying to avoid any metal coated brushes.

These brushes only generate unnecessary heat and will cause hair to be baked not dried. I sectioned her hair first: top, sides and back. To begin, I started by drying the nape area first and then proceeded until her entire head was dry.

Finally, to achieve her sleek straight look I went through her hair with my David Babaii for WildAid Styling Iron with Tourmaline and Ceramic technology.

I did this by once again dividing her hair into three parts again: top, sides and back. Starting at the nape area and taking small sections at a time, I combed the hair before running the flat iron through.

(Image of Catherine Zeta-Jones courtesy of David Babaii - All Rights Reserved).

For the mega watt shine, I applied an additional amount of Hair Polish after the entire head was straightened. This created her mirror finish.

Viola! A stunning beauty with eye popping hair.

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