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New American Idol Judges Chat With Oprah About Fun, Honesty, Hopes And Dreams

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler looked fabulous on a remote feed from Los Angeles, California where they chatted with the Queen of TV Talk, Oprah Winfrey.

Jennifer's light chocolate brunette hair looked stunning.  She was wearing it long and lush cascading down around her shoulders off a short center part.  Hints of lighter and darker chocolate strands were expertly woven through her gorgeous tresses.  Her make-up was flawless.

Mr. Steven Tyler Just Wants To Have Fun

Oprah told them "you guys are looking great on the show".  Oprah started her round of questions with "Mr. Steven Tyler."  She said "let me start with you Mr. Aerosmith Rock Star.   Why did you want to be a judge.  I hear some of your fellow band members are giving you some heat about it."

Steven said "you know, I've been judged all my life and the band went on tour and we were off tour and I saw this as an opportunity.... to have some fun and sit next to JLo here."  At that point he leaned over and nudged Jennifer.  Then Steven said "and Randy."  Randy said "yes, yes, yes, yes."

Jennifer Feels Honesty Is The Best Policy

Oprah asked Jennifer "how hard is it for you to give tough feedback?"  Jennifer said "ummm, it's funny, you know, I don't know, I don't feel that I'm being really tough.  I feel like I'm being really honest.  In the beginning it was kinda hard to say no.   You know, you feel like you're devastating someone.  Like you're killing their dreams.  That was difficult for a second, but at the end of the day I really feel like honesty is the best policy.  You know?"

Randy "Dawg" Jackson

Oprah said "Randy, judges have come and they've gone.  What's your secret?"  Randy said "What's my secret?"  Steven said "The Dawg".  Randy laughed and agreed "The Dawg.  Listen, I mean, the show has really gone.  Simon's doing his thing, you know, he's our dear friend for life."

He continued "Ryan and I were talking about this last night.  You know, we started this, me, him and Paula, and we kinda morphed into this Season Ten thing.  And it's really exciting.  I love these two.  I mean, we've got the legendary rocker, we've got the triple threat here (Jennifer Lopez).  I mean, you've got The Dawg here.  I think it's a good pairing and what's most important about these kinds of shows Oprah is that we're having a good time.  And it's great comradery, know what I'm saying, already.   So I love that man."

Missing Simon?

Oprah asked Randy if he "missed Simon?"  Randy said "well, man, of course.   He's my boy, but I mean he's doing his thing.  We talk often.  You know, it's like graduating, like high school.  We're going to different colleges, know what I mean."

Oprah asked the judges to explain the process of picking the AI contestants. "Are you guys just sitting there all day long?  Is it like an eight hour a day job? You're listening to people coming in, going out, coming in? What's the process like?"

Seven Cities And 100 Kids

Steven started by saying "it's seven cities and it's 100 kids a city and 50 a day.  And you sit there for six, seven hours.  Over and over and the next person and the next person.  And sometimes it's a long haul, and then at the end of the day there's that little gem that just knocks us all out, and makes us cry."  Randy agreed.

Oprah asked Jennifer "I know this is a full time job as he was just describing and you obviously have little babies at home, how are you balancing that?"

Jennifer Enjoys Going Home To See Her Kids

Jennifer said "you know, it's tough, it's tough.  Like every working mom out there, you know, it's a juggling act. It's a balancing act.  You want to be there at first (her kids) and you want to be there with them but at the same time you have your obligations to your job.  It gets difficult at times but you know, they're the joy and the light of my whole life.  Actually everything is so much better now with them in my life.  I'm actually enjoying working.  Even more now.  Cause I just enjoy going home even more."

Oprah said "last week, one of the contestant's stories was really gut wrenching and we could see how moved all of you were by them.  Chris (Medina) auditioned in Milwaukee and told the story about his financee who had survived a terrible car crash with severe brain injuries.  Chris sang his hear out."  A clip of the gut wrenching audition was shown.

The AI Judges Were Moved

Oprah asked "how does meeting someone like him impact you all?"  Randy said "I mean, I mean, greatly.  You see the story.  The story's just impossible, what crazy odds that this kid has.  It just pulls your heart out for both of them.  For him and for her.  It was very very touching.  I think we were all of us were so moved."

Jennifer said "we were moved.  We didn't know how bad (it was).  He mentioned his girlfriend was in an accident and we were like 'oh bring her in' and then we saw her.  We didn't even know it was that bad.  It just broke our hearts.  And she was a huge Steven Tyler fan.  So she was so overwhelmed when she saw Steven and it was just.....  This is the greatest thing about this show, it's about the people, it's about human experience and dreams.  And we've just been having the best time meeting so many amazing people.  And then getting to see their talent  too.  It's just awesome."

AI Is About Hope And Dreams

Randy "and I think that's a great story for America.  It's a great story for people seeing someone trying to live out their dreams in the face of all of those odds against them.  It's a touching story."

Oprah "I think that's really the deeper underlying success of Idol.    Is that everybody at home who's voting is really voting for the person not only that they like and admire and want to see make it, but they see a little bit of themselves in that.  You know, it's about hope and its about dreams.

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