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Ellen Calls Simon "Sassy" He Calls Her "Trouble" And She's Not Leaving

Ellen Degeneres, who is the new fourth judge on American Idol (AI) is taking every opportunity on her daytime talk show to promote the Fox show.

On Thursday's talk show she showed a clip of the AI trials with judges Kara, Victoria Beckham, Simon and Randy.  The contestant told Simon "you're even sassier in person than you are on TV."

(Image of Ellen Degeneres - - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen loved the clip and agreed "he is sassy Simon."  She continued "that's what I call him, sassy Simon."

She shook her head, the audience roared with laughter and she said "and he calls me trouble because I'm giving hell.  I'll tell you that.  Let me tell you, I'mmmm."

The audience cheered.

She shook her head, smiled and said "it's interesting.  It's crazy because last week you know Simon announced that this is his last season on American Idol.  And it looks like Conan is leaving the Tonight Show.  Oprah's leaving, Tyra.  It's crazy I mean next thing I know they're going to tell me Kathy Lee is leaving Regis or something (even though Kathy Lee left years ago).  What's happening?  What's happening?"

She paused and said "I'm not going anywhere.  I'm staying right here (she pointed to her chair).  I'm not leaving."  The fans went insane with cheers and applause.  She folded her arms and pointed to her chair.

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