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Robin Tunney Dishes About Simon Baker

Ellen Degeneres recently had Robin Tunney from TV's The Mentalist as a guest on her talk show.  Ellen mentioned that Robin stars on the Number One new show on TV with the sexy Aussie, Simon Baker.

Robin glided onto Ellen's stage looking spectacular in a sassy black outfit a ruffled top and matching pants.  At first I thought she was wearing tights, but I wasn't sure.

Robin Bought A Pot She Thought Used To Be Ellen's

Ellen greeted Robin and said "we have not met before.  Right?"  Robin responded to Ellen's question with "I am a big fan."

The actress continued "do you mind if I clear something up here? Is that?" she seemed to say OK.  Robin told Ellen " I saw your home in a magazine and you have amazing taste and it was about 5 or 6 months later and I was at a shop and I heard somebody in the distance say that a particular pot used to belong to Ellen Degeneres. And I bought it."

Ellen seemed amused and asked Robin "what does the pot look like?"  Robin said "I brought a picture.  Do you mind?"

A photo of a large white pot was shown on the stage screen of Robin's pot.  The actress asked Ellen "does that look familiar?"  Ellen looked bewildered and "made a face".  She shook her head and said no, the pot did not look familiar.

Robin seemed a little disappointed and said "I honestly thought one section of my house, 10 small inches would look as good as your house in the magazine if I bought the pot you owned".  Ellen appeared as if she thought Robin's story about her former pot was funny.

Robin tried to clarify about how she heard that the pot might be Ellen's and she said "it wasn't the person who worked there.  It was someone in the distance."

She told Ellen the shop where she purchased the pot was "on Beverly Drive."  Robin explained the show "is a place with architectural pottery called Skank World".  The shop has AP pottery.

Ellen told Robin "I know that shop" and she also seemed to know about the pottery Robin mentioned.  The funny lady commented that the pottery in question was "expensive".

Robin agreed "it wasn't cheap."  Ellen agreed "no.  Especially with my name added onto it. They're using my name to sell pots."  Robin joked about Ellen's autograph being added on the bottom of the pot to help increase the price.

Ellen talked about a theory she has about shopping.  She told Robin she believes when someone starts looking at something and they think you like it then they want to buy it.  Ellen said "don't you find you like something when someone else seems to like it first?

Robin agreed.  She told Ellen it happened to me at a shop."  She said "women have these $3,000 handbags and I was looking at one."  Robin told Ellen she it just seemed like so much money she just couldn't wrap her mind around spending that on a handbag.

The $3,000 Handbag At Barneys

While she debated whether to buy the handbag or not she "walked about around the shop carrying it" for about an hour.  "I couldn't buy it.  It seemed too expensive."  Like a mortgage. She continued "I put it down and wanted to have a breather."  She wanted to really think before she bought the bag.  Robin told Ellen "I walked back in" to get the bag and the sales person at Barneys said 'a woman saw you, wanted the bag and she bought it."

Ellen was amazed.  She said "WOW.  That's my theory."  She said, that woman saw "someone like you." with the handbag and said "oh Robin has it" so I have to have it."

Simon Baker And The Mentalist

Changing the topic Ellen said "let's talk the Mentalist.  It's doing really well.  Simon Bakker how cute is he?  How sweet?"

Robin said "really a good man. And funny.  I like to say he brings the heat to Tuesday night.  Its kinda hard. I love him, I work with him all day every day. I go to the grocery and all anyone wants to talk about is Simon Baker. All my dad wants to talk about is Simon Baker.  Especially older women, they love, love Simon Baker."

Ellen said well "he doesn't seem sleezy. He seems sweet and soft and sexy in a wholesome sort of way."

Robin agreen and said Simon "he looks that good in person.  Which is rare. And he's been married, which I have to say to the women in the store."  I have to say "he's happily married."  She also said "he's a ladies man.  He knows how to be. He's not a messy boy.  He drinks his tea out of the cup."

Ellen said "yeah.  As opposed to (drinking tea out of) the kettle?  Robin said "well a lot of guys have a paper cup with coffee and their trailer's a mess."

Feeling bad Ellen confessed to Robin "I feel like we spent the entire time talking about Simon Baker."  Ellen did a quick wrap-up on the interview with Robin.   Ellen said "you bought a pot, you overpaid for a pot" but its still not my former pot.  Ellen said "I can say you thought it (the pot) was pretty.

Back To Ellen's Old Pots

Robin agreed "which is almost as close as having owned it."  Ellen said "I should have lied and said I had owned it." Then she told Robin  "I will show you some stuff I did own" in the past.  I know where some of my old stuff is.

She ended the interview with Robin by saying "The Mentalist" airs Tuesday nights on CBS at 9 p.m.

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