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Sean Penn Shocks With Stooges And Natalie Portman

When actor Sean Penn accepted his Best Actor Oscar award for his eye popping role in Milk he made a comment about how difficult he can be at times.  Indeed, Sean, who is the ex-husband of superstar Madonna and on-again, off-again husband of actress Robin Wright Penn continues to shock, annoy and anger Hollywood insiders and outsiders.

The current uproar over the very talented actor?  His recent acceptance of a role to play one of the famous Three Stooges and his Public Display of Affection (PDA) with actress Natalie Portman who is so much younger than Sean.

(Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn at 81st Annual Academy Awards Arrivals - 02-22-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

No, its not uncommon for Hollywood stars to hook up with much younger playmates.  Bruce Willis recently married a gorgeous brunette model who is approximately 24 years younger.  Demi Moore married a much younger Ashton Kutcher.  However, the buzz regarding Sean is whether or not he is or is not with Robin Wright Penn.

Those in the know have reported he is current estranged with Robin although it's hard to know the exact status with Sean and Robin who have experienced a very volatile long term roller coaster courtship and marriage.  Even more puzzling is what Natalie Portman finds attractive in Sean.

Gossip gurus have floated the theory that Sean is very attracted to brainy, successful women like Madonna, Robin and now Natalie.

Will this budding new affair grow legs?  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, Sean's fans are unclear whether to be shocked about his selection of new film role or his PDA with Natalie.

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