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Haley Whips Her Hair On American Idol

Haley Reinhart With Long Natural Curls

Haley Whips Her Hair On American Idol

Reportedly American Idol's (AI) Haley Reinhart and last week's eliminated Casey Abrams were a hot item.  Rumors indicated not only that Casey and Haley were a couple, but they didn't try to hide it.

When Casey left AI last week she seemed sad and she appeared to be more open about her reactions to the judge's comments.

As  the AI judges gave her a critique of Lady Gaga's "You and I", Haley had her hand prominently placed on her hip and seemed to have major tude.

Insiders have shared that Haley feels the judges are really being unnecessarily harsh with her.  Is that true or not?

Was she telegraphing "don't mess with me" to Judges Tyler, Lopez and Jackson?

Maybe Haley doesn't care whether she goes home now or not since Casey is gone.  Or possibly she believes the hype that James Durbin has the contest wrapped up in the eyes of the judges.

Lastly Haley may feel that the judges give her double talk since she's so incredibly talented but doesn't seem to get the respect she deserves.

Haley Reinhart With Long Natural Curls

Later when she knocked The Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" out of the Idol park, she was flipping her long natural curly hair in a sexy way as part of her act.

Well maybe she wasn't whipping her hair like Willow Smith does, but she was definitely flipping and flinging her hair back and forth, back and forth.

Haley has gorgeous naturally textured hair with lots of rippling waves, ringlets, coils and loops.

Not only does Haley have a stunning voice with lots of growl, she has amazing hair which she honors by wearing her hair au natural.

Is Haley in the zone?  Or does she feel like she has nothing to lose at this point so why not really rip the lid off her amazing voice?

Lets hope her feelings about being unnecessarily judged will help her keep her edge and compete more intensely than ever before.

It's very cool to see Haley get a little more tough and confident.  I just love how she interacts with the audience and the amazing texture not only in her hair but her voice.  Go Haley.


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