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Rachel Crow Leaves X Factor Judges Speechless

Rachel Crow

Rachel Crow Leaves X Factor Judges Speechless

Although the X Factor is another talent competition, it does have it differences.  One key difference is the age limit.  Cute and curly haired Rachel Crow is only 13 years old.  Too young for American Idol, but not for The X Factor.

In a lot of ways, The X Factor seems to be more serious about promoting the talent that is chosen.  Of course I could be wrong about that but I am also an American Idol fan.

Rachel Crow, opened The X Factor premiere with a rendition of "Mercy".  Besides her amazing voice, she showed stage presence, confidence, poise, attitude and talent way beyond her biological age.

Is she really just 13 years old?  Really?

When the 13 year old Rachel did her audition she literally blew Simon Cowell and the rest of the X Factor judges away.

Although everything always changes when it comes to these talent competitions, you might wonder if Rachel Crow could be one of the major contenders for the $5 million dollar prize and the Pepsi commercial.

Rachel Crow

It's hard to know who will come out on top because there are so many standouts in the group including Stacy Francis who has a great big voice but wears her heart on her sleeve.

Stacy Francis also announced during Bootcamp that her dad had just passed away.  You couldn't help but love her.

Another X Factor difference?  Eventually there will be four groups of eight contestants mentored by one of the four judges.  That way the judges will really get to understand the inner works of each contestant.

It will be interesting to see how all of the different contestants fare as the hard core eliminations begin.  Do you love the X Factor more or less than American Idol?

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