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Great Hairstyles For Round Or Square Face Shapes

Great Hairstyles For Square Or Round Face Shapes

Jon Renau Flame Wig In Shoulder Length Bob At

It's important to start this blog with the caveat that there's no right or wrong face shape.  Every face shape is ultimately perfect and the goal when selecting a hairstyle is to select one that makes you feel the best about yourself and your hair.

Although the current trend in the hair world is to move away from selecting hairstyles purely on face shapes, sometimes it just makes sense for some people to use face shape as a base line.  If that's what best for you then by all means utilize that option.

Square And Round Face Shape Similarities

Square and round face shapes share some similarities.  In fact, sometimes the lines blur between the two shapes.  If you look closely, some famous celebrities who are considered to have classic square or round face shapes will seem to shape shift based on their hair color, length, texture and ultimate hair style.

Celebrity With Classic Round Face Shape

A famous celebrity who has morphed with her face shape is Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson.

During her time on American Idol Jennifer had a classic round face shape.  As she's lost weight and transitioned from a classic round to more of an oval the biggest changes have occurred along her jaw line and her chin. 

Jennifer Hudson With Sideswept Fringe

Celebrity With Classic Square Face Shape

Sandra Bullock is a classic square face shape.  Depending upon her hair color, length of her hair and whether she wears her naturally textured hair curly, wavy or bone straight, her face tends to look more oval than square.

Hairstyle Options For Square Or Round Face Shapes

Round Face - What Works

Side-swept bangs create the illusion of a more chiseled oval shape.  The length of the ideal hairstyle for round face shapes is best when it extends a few inches below the chin, to the top of the shoulders, or a bit longer.

If you have naturally textured hair (wavy, curly, coily) a side-swept fringe may not be the best option.   In that case you may wish to experiment with wearing off-center or side parts with your natural texture falling over your face so that a slight angle is created.

Jennifer Hudson With Sleek Below The Shoulder Bob

Or you may want to pull out all the stops like X Factor contestant Rachel Crow who wears her natural curls directed over to one side so that her curls fall over part of her face creating a beautiful crescent shape.

Ideally Big Texture Should Fall Below The Chin

If you wish to wear your hair with lots of natural texture rather than sleek and straight, it's always best to  try and style the waves, curls or coils to fall below the chin rather than adjacent to the cheek bones.

Sandra Bullock With Off Center Part And Soft Waves

When texture explodes right at the cheeks or adjacent to the chin, the face may take on more width than length.

A sleek bob is a great option for those with stick straight hair or those with natural texture who wish to wear their hair with straighter panels.

Keep in mind that a bob with some slight layering throughout the side-swept fringe and make throughout the side panels to curve into the cheeks adding additional definition.

Square Face - What Works

The suggestions for great hairstyles for square face shapes are very similar to round face shapes.  The key is to add length to the overall face while creating the illusion of chiseled cheekbones and minimizing a strong chin. 

Sandra Bullock's Chiseled Cheekbones

Raquel Welch In Beguile Side Swept Wig -

Although side-swept bangs create the illusion of a more chiseled face shape Sandra Bullock often wears her naturally curly and wavy hair without any fringe.

Sandra and her team of crack celebrity hairstylists understand how to soften and elongate her classic square shape with highlights and low light, face hugging side panels and a slightly off-center part.

Below The Chin And Past The Shoulder Length Softens Square Face Shapes

By wearing her hair below her chin and past her shoulders Sandra automatically softens her square face shape.

Rachel Crow With Natural Curls On X Factor - Round Face Shape

Tucking one side panel behind her ear with the other side worn snuggled along side her face from the top of her hairline to the top of her jawline adds the visual illusion of length while making her cheekbones appear chiseled and symmetrical.

Highlights and low lights which complement her natural chocolate base draw the eye away from her face near her cheeks to add even more illusion of chiseled cheekbones.

Sandra's hair is pulled over her shoulders and flows adjacent to her neck with adds even more elongation to her neck and softens her chin.  If you didn't know Sandra has a classic square face

Carrie From Jon Renau At

shape, you might not realize it from the hairstyles she selects.

Try On New Hairstyles Without A Long Term Commitment

If you're itching for a new hairstyle and have a round or square face shape you can easily try out different hairstyles by buying a wig and trying out the style before committing to the scissors.

What many people don't realize is that it can take up to a month to get used to a new hairstyle, learn how to properly style it and enjoy the results.

Rather than being spontaneous when you want a new hairstyle, consider first buying a wig in the hairstyle you think you might like and wear it for awhile to make sure you really enjoy the look.  How can you go wrong with that plan?

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