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Madonna's Hair Will Never Be Grandmother Blue

I've mentioned in the past that I'm currently in a period of transitional cleaning. Not only am I slowly digging through lots of old boxes of books, papers and magazines, I'm donating lots of clothes, shoes and other things which could take me over the edge from borderline hoarder into full blown reality hoarding TV star.

(Image of Madonna - September 2010 - DC Media - All rights Reserved)

Yesterday I found a box full of magazines dedicated to Madonna and her various hairstyles. A Vanity Fair issue from 2000 had a fascinating article by Steven Daly titled Like An Artist. Daly's ten year old article about the great songwriter, producer-performer and fashion designer is still appropriate for 2010.

What I always found compelling about Madonna was how Ms. Ciccone's dramatic shape-shifting throughout her career has always included a major change to her hair. Indeed, Daly included a montage of 36 of the superstar's many looks highlighted by her ever changing hair colors, lengths and textures. Whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit the star never got stuck in any one hairstyle.

Even more impressive, she made every color from platinum blonde to raven black work with her skin and eye tone. She also mastered every hair texture from bone straight to rocking ringlets which were parted, pinned back and swept around her ever changing face shape.

(Image of Madonna - Who's That Girl - 1987 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Madonna Break's All Hairstyle Rules

Some hair and beauty experts might suggest Madonna has a predominantly square shaped face with a strong prominent lower jaw and chin. While the rules of hair suggest square face shapes should avoid super short cuts or big texture around the face, Madonna is not one to every follow the rules of any kind.

Personally I lover her best as a platinum blonde with beachy waves or cascading ringlets, but my opinions are just that. Mine.

Talk to one hundred people who love Madonna and you will most likely hear a dizzying array of thoughts regarding her many hairstyles since she first burst onto the music scene in the 1980s.

Madonna Still Turning Heads In Her 50s

Even though Madonna has had competition for outrageous hairstyles from Lady Gaga and Britney, she still turns heads as she approaches her mid 50s (Madonna was born August 16, 1958).

But don't count the Material Girl out. As Steven Daly (what a great piece he contributed to VF) pointed out people are always "calculating how many months she has before she is "over". I doubt Madonna will ever be over and certainly her hairstyles and fashions will continue to evolve. She will be one of the hippest 60 year old dames around.

Blue hair on Madonna? Well maybe the cool kind but definitely not the grandmotherly kind. Whatever her next look, you can be assured everyone will want it.

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