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Jaime Pressley's HairDresser Granny

Jaime Pressley from My Name Is Earl was on David Letterman recently with a sizzling new short hairdo. She looked gorgeous, as always.

jaimepressly_mrdc_505417_250h.jpgThe reason for Jaime's visit with Dave? To promote her new book, to talk a little about Earl and to plug her part (her voice) in the new movie - Horton Hears A Who from Dr. Seuss. Besides revealing that the reason she took her part in Horton was for the opportunity to work with the greats like Carol Brunette, Jim Carey and Steve Carrell, she talked about her new book.

(Image of Jaime Pressley at World Premiere of "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears A Who - 3-08-08 - from - all rights reserved).

The book, contrary to reports is NOT autobiographical. Afterall, she pointed out, she's ONLY 30 and who would care. She did say that it is a collection of little stories about her life including stories about her grandmother who was quite a character.

Jamie recounted a few stories about her Grandmother, who she admitted she didn't get along with all that well. However, she mentioned her grandmother was a hairdresser for many years and would boldly tell people they looked like a wet cat when she didn't like their hair.

A wet cat? Well, as Jaime explains it, when a cat licks there fur it gets all wet and matted and nasty looking. The blonde actress also mentioned that her grandmother died on Valentine's Day, which Jaime laughingly said she did on purpose so everyone would remember.

Talking briefly about her work on Earl she mentioned that since the writer's strike is now over, they have come back to the Earl set with a vengence. The writers, according to Jaime, had all that time off to think up a ton of new stunts and subplots and activities. She said she is glad the writers are back and they are filming again but it is exhausting since they already work very long days.

Dave didn't talk about her shorter hair, although of course it was the first thing I noticed. He did ask about her 10 month old boy, although he thought it was a girl. He also had a brief discussion with her about not getting married (as he has chosen to do with the mother of his son) and her decision NOT to get married to her current finance because as she put it "we are doing great - why ruin a good thing".

In her defense for not wanting to walk down the aisle Jaime referenced Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. If you're going to refer to someone who has lived well together without marriage, she couldn't have picked a better example.

Meanwhile, recent news reports mentioned that Jaime was almost run over while filming on Earl. She didn't mention that on Dave but her interview was interesting, she looked great and she was very charming. You go girl.

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